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Erick Von Lippke Period 3 11/3/10 Favorite Subject Seventh hour. I’m in one of my most liked classes staring at the board after completing an intense test. The bell rings and I wave to my teacher as I walk out the door.

Confidence builds as my anticipation increases for the coming A. This experience is what occurs in my AP Biology class. Biology is the subject I enjoy the most due to its incorporation of other subjects, the feeling that I am learning something every day, and my amazing teacher Mr.Benskin. Perhaps one of my favorite things about AP Biology, however, is its ability to include other subjects in its curriculum. When Boca High students sign up for a class, they would expect to work only upon that class’s topic and nothing else. In my biology class, however, we learn not only science, but math and history as well. In the middle of a lesson, my teacher walks calmly to the board and works upon math, connecting it to the day’s lesson by using examples such as 4mL + -10mL equals a pH of 6.

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Other days he goes back to the beginning of life and expands upon the era cells were first produced and became complex. This strategy of teaching multiple topics pulls students in and expands our overall knowledge of science as well as mathematics and history. Most other classes only teach one subject, but in my AP Biology class, multiple subjects are incorporated within. Most days, most students find no reason to attend school and would rather “skip. ” I, on the other hand, refuse that idea and find school very important.Every day is a much-needed one in order to achieve greatness in life. In Biology, each day is different from every other. On Monday, the class might discuss mitochondria and how it functions within our cells.

We literally dissolve into our notes and become enveloped in the environment of the cell, experiencing science on cellular level. On Tuesday, we would expand upon the Mitochondria and incorporate other structures of the cell by creating a list and having to break down each organelle into its functions and parts. No two days of notes are alike and this provides me with the eeling that I am actually learning! No other class of mine provides me with this feeling and that is what makes my Biology class all the more enjoyable and ideal to its students and I. Teachers are the heart and soul of a school. Whether they are good or bad is based upon their personal experience. For me, however, my Biology teacher, Mr.

Benskin, is one of the best teachers at Boca High. He makes learning enjoyable and changes the method of education each day. One day, he entered the class with a blowtorch, lime green goggles, and a beaker.Every student wondered what was going to happen but at the same time, we all knew that he was about to teach us metabolism and the metabolic pathways with an extreme twist to it. He then instructed us that we have an hour to create our own element and test which one would propel a wooden car the furthest. Another day Mr. Benskin entered in with a wheel barrel of cloth, instructing us to transform it into a cell and then wear it! Many students would think I am exaggerating or lying but once they experience Biology with Mr.

Benskin, they will go themselves and “spread the word” of the most amazing Science teacher.The last class of the day is both the most anticipated and liked by students. For me, it is anticipated due to its superiority over all other classes I have with its involvement of students a lot more. Biology incorporates other subjects within its curriculum, gives me a sensation of intense learning that no other class does, and has the most incredible teacher, Mr. Benskin, I have ever acknowledged. Nearly all students do not wish to attend their classes, nevertheless, one may come across the class that inspires them as well as teaches the most.

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