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District Map of Quezon City Vicinity Map The business establishment is located at Timog ave cor Tomas morato ave , Quezon city. Physical Features The city lies on the Guadalupe plateau which is a relatively high plateau on the northeast corner of the metropolis – between the lowlands of Manila to the southwest and the Marikina River valley to the east.

The southern portion is drained by the very narrow San Juan River and its tributaries to Pasig River, while running in the northern portions of the city is the equally narrow Tullahan River.Quezon City is bordered by Manila to the southwest, by Caloocan and Valenzuela, Philippines to the west and northwest. To the south lies San Juan and Mandaluyong while Marikina and Pasig borders Quezon City to the southeast.

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To the north across Marilao River lies San Jose del Monte in the province of Bulacan and to the east lies Rodriguez and San Mateo, both in the province of Rizal. The city can be divided into a number of areas. The southern portion of the city is divided into a number of places including Diliman, Commonwealth, the Project areas, Cubao, Kamias, Kamuning, New Manila, San Francisco del Monte and Sta.Mesa Heights. The northern half of the city is often called Novaliches and contains the areas of Fairview and Lagro. Most of these areas have no defined boundaries and are primarily residential in nature. Biological Features The Environment of the area is still good that even though the parts of the were residential and commercial, a lot of trees are still there.

Grasses are growing from some of the vacant lots in the area. Anthropological and CulturalMost of the residents living in the area are the original residents of the area, some of the residents came from different provinces and they decided to live in the area. Though there are no ethnic groups in the area. Historical Feature The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish – Kamuning is a Catholic parish in the Kamuning District of Quezon City in the Philippines. It was established on October 3, 1941. The parish has been in the pastoral care and administration of the Society of the Divine Word since even before its founding.

Kamuning was a government housing project of then Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon. Barangay Sacred Heart was originally part of Barangay Kamuning but in the 1960’s a certain potion of Kamuning with the Meralco Botocan line as boundary and Tomas Morato area as the other boundaries gave rise to Barangay Sacred heart with name taken out of the church Sacred Heart Parish Church a Catholic church founded by Divine Word Missionaries. Several of the streets in the surrounding area were named in honor of the 22 Boy Scouts who died in a plane crash en route to joining the 11th World Scout Jamboree.A memorial stands in the center of a rotunda at the intersection of Timog and Tomas Morato Avenues, which accounts for the Timog area being called as the Scout Area. Socio-Economic Feature The area has a population of 14,098 with 1270 households. Besides being a residential area, it is also a business area. Because part of two major commercial district under its jurisdiction namely, Tomas Morato Avenue and Timog Avenue.

Where there are a lot of Bars, Restaurants and other Commercial Establishments. Business Competitors Soneva Spa Located at Tomas Morato corner Limbaga St.Quezon City, 270 4th Floor,  Forum Building, Metro Manila, Phililppines Grandeur Health Club is located along Timog Avenue near EDSA. Located at 66 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Located at # 238 Scout Bayoran Tomas Morato Quezon City Transpotation Transpotation is never a problem in the area because it is near from one of the main road when traveling in Metro Manila. The Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, better known as EDSA, also it is near from Cubao where there is a lot of Bus Terminals. When Traveling by a car, From EDSA Cubao, Go straight passing by Kamuning then there is a intersection turn left to Timog Ave.

South Triangle Ave. , you will see the GMA Network Station as its landmark. Go straight ahead before reaching Tomas Morato Ave. , you will see the Business Establishment. From Philcoa, Pass by Elliptical Road then turn right to East Ave.

, Go Straight ahead passing by EDSA intersection. Again until you reach Tomas Morato Ave. , you will see the Business Establishment. Jeepney Routes: Lagro – Cubao, Arayat Bus Routes: SM Fairview – Baclaran Tungko – Baclaran Utilities Electrical Supply – Meralco Water Supply – Maynilad Internet Connection – PLDT MyDSL Peace and OrderThe BPSO in the area is very active; they are always patrolling to ensure peace and order. Some Police Men are also patrolling in the area, incase of crimes, the Kamuning Police Station is near at the area. Incase of Medical emergency, East Avenue Medical Center is also near in the area. Tourism Support Services – Banks BPI Union bank of the Philippines Land bank of the Philippines Banco de Oro PS bank PNB East West Bank Bank of Commerce The Real bank – Churches Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Christ the King Church – Hotels Hotel Rembrant Sir Williams HotelImperial Palace Suites Stonehouse Bed and Breakfast Torre Venezia Hotel – Travel and Tours Company Win Travel and Tours, Incorporated Golden Eagle Travel and Tours, Incorporated ChrisLink Travel and Tours Hospitals East Avenue Medical Center Philippine Heart Center Saint Luke’s Medical Center Dr. Jesus C.

Delgado Memorial Hospital – Car-Rental Services Carland Rent-A-Car Jt Lakbay services, Incorporated – Schools Kamuning Elementary School Quezon City High school Ramon Magsaysay High School Chapter II SITE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Rationale The logo has a Green and Blue color.Green is life, Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health and environment. While blue seen as trustworthy, dependable and Commited. And Gray is a neutral and Balance Color. Nature signifies the living organism and their environment. Touch means a sensation experienced. Company Profile Nature’s Touch Wellness Center is a sole proprietorship company owned by Michael Sprawl.

The company is composed of the manager who is also the owner of the business, assistant manager, receptionist, cashier and the professional massage therapist and spa workers with the help of the maintenance workers.It is located at Timog Avenue cor. Tomas Morato Avenue, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City. Nature’s Touch offers services like different kind of Spa and massage, Facial, Body-Hand and Foot Treatments, aerobics and yoga. In the future, the business plans to build some branch in different location to be one of the country’s best and well-known wellness centers. Vision Nature’s Touch Wellness Center envisions itself to be one of the country’s best well-known wellness center, that provides quality service for a economical price. Mission To provide the best quality service that we can give to our clients.

A Holistic health and wellness care catered by our hospitable, polite and professional workers. A. Organizational Chart Manager / Owner of the business Assistant Manager Cashier Receptionist Spa Worker Massage Therapist Security Personnel Maintenance Worker Job Descriptions Assistant Manager Job Description An assistant manager is responsible for all the tasks delegated to a manager when a manager is not around the workplace. An assistant manager is more like a support to a manager in accomplishing tasks delegated to the manager in a department.Some job applicants may think that an assistant manager is an easy work but the real fact is; an assistant manager has more responsibilities rather than a manager.

Most of the time, a manager has two or more assistant managers in which a manager assigns certain tasks in order to make the workload of a manager much more easier. An assistant manager is a higher position than a supervisor or a team leader depending on the organizational structure of a company. Duties and Responsibilities These are the basic responsibilities of an assistant manager: * An assistant manager is responsible for the tasks delegated by the manager.Since a manager has a lot of work especially in managing the workplace, the help of an assistant manager is needed. The manager assigns certain tasks to an assistant manager in order for the task to be much lighter for the manager. * An assistant manager serves as the manager whenever the real manager is not available. Most of the time, an assistant manager takes calls for the manager whenever the manager is not around.

This job position is also responsible for taking charge of the workplace while the manager is absent or in a leave. An assistant manager is responsible for communicating with the manager. It is the responsibility of an assistant manager to report details of the workplace. An assistant manager must keep the manager updated all the time especially when the manager is not around the office. An assistant manager serves as the major supervisor of the workplace. Since the manager is most of the time busy with their own tasks, the assistant manager serves as the overseer of the workplace in order to maintain the smooth operations of the office.It is also the role of an assistant manager to delegate tasks to employees under their command and when the manager is not present in order to continue the operations of the workplace.

Spa Receptionist Job Description A spa receptionist is an individual in charge of welcoming clients and guests into a spa, responding to all enquiries while observing set standards. A spa receptionist should have knowledge of the services and treatments offered at the establishment including any offers and promotions that may be on at a particular time.Spa receptionist duties also include prioritizing workloads, ensuring all operational procedures and ensuring that standards of appearance codes of conduct are adhered to and implemented to the latter.

Duties and Responsibilities * Ensuring a warm friendly welcome to clientele at all times. * Coordinating guests’ consultation records with the therapists’ * Ensuring that all relevant spa staff receive a print outs of their daily schedules * Adhering to agreed reporting system on a timely basis In charge of all billing procedures and the correct reconciliation of funds at the reception desk and at the close of every shift as well as at the end of the day’s work * Completing daily opening procedures and checking lists per relevant area * Scheduling reservations for guests and monitoring availability of treatment and staff to ensure punctual service as per the relevant skills of therapists * Organizing schedules to fully utilize time and profitability while ensuring that clients’ needs are of prioritized * Assisting with administrative duties such as receiving purchasing and inventory reportingCashier Job Description though there are no specific educational requirements for becoming a cashier, high school education with good knowledge of basic mathematics is expected. Most cashiers are trained by their employers on the job, and they learn the techniques to operate the electronic equipment used for recording the money transaction. Other basic requirements to become a cashier, are, ability to do repetitive work with accuracy, maintain a cheerful attitude towards the customer and ability to handle unfriendly customers.As mentioned earlier, duties of a cashier vary, depending upon the type of employer. * Provide good service to all customers by maintaining a friendly environment. * Have good knowledge of all the products available in the store.

* Maintain accurate records of the sale of goods and services, without any errors. * Be a medium of communication between the customer and the management. * Receive the amount of purchase in form of cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits. * At the end of the day, calculate the total payment.

* Resolve the complaints of the customer, if any. Perform sorting, counting and wrapping currencies and coins. * Make sure that enough cash is available at the counter, for paying the balance to the customer. Spa Therapist Job Description A spa therapist works in a spa setting (day spa, resort spa, medi-spa) and delivers spa treatments and techniques; massage, body scrubs, body wraps, therapeutic baths. They are called ‘therapists’ for a very good reason as they promote a sense of well being and other therapeutic benefits for their clients. A Spa therapist would be expected to fulfill the following duties; * Create a Relaxing Atmosphere.

People visit a Spa to escape the stresses of their everyday life, to be pampered and at times to receive health benefits. It is a Spa Therapists responsibility to ensure they do everything they can to help make the environment as relaxing and serene as possible. * Deliver Spa Treatments. Within a spa environment Spa Therapists have to deliver body treatments; body wraps, aromatherapy, body scrubs Massage Therapist Job Description The primary responsibility of a massage therapist is to massage their clients to relieve discomfort and to ease muscle tension. They are often employed by health clubs and resorts or they are self-employed.A massage therapist may employ alcohol or lubricants during the massage, provide steam or dry treatments, treatments that utilize ultraviolet light, and water therapy.

A massage therapist has many responsibilities: * Before the massage begins, the therapist should confer with clients and learn their medical history and what problems they may have with stress or pain. This helps to determine what type of massage would be the most beneficial. * The massage therapist must gauge the condition of the client’s soft tissues, the joint function and quality, range of motion, and muscle strength. The therapist must propose a specific treatment plan for the client.

* When the client’s needs have been established, the massage therapist massages the soft tissues and muscles to provide the treatment that has been determined. * The therapist prepares and blends massage oils and applies them during the massage. * The massage therapist may often confer with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and doctors in order to design the proper treatment plan for a client. * The therapist may often need to refer a client to different types of therapists if his or her condition would benefit from it. A professional massage therapist should educate clients on how to improve their posture and teach them strengthening, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises as well as relaxation techniques. Maintenance worker Job Description and Profile * Maintenance worker’s job is to perform routine and extensive range of work in the repair and general maintenance of facilities, buildings, and equipment under general supervision. They execute work within established procedures and process under both verbal and written instructions.

Duties and Responsibilities Performing repair or general Maintenance work of facilities, buildings, grounds, and equipment at various sites including electrical, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, glazier, and painting tasks. * Repairing and treating structures such as showers, floors, sinks, walls, carpets and roofs. * Performing minor repairs, troubleshooting, and adjustment of locks on cabinets, locks, closets, desks. * Repairing door hinges, cleaning plugged key slots, changing filters on ventilating, heating, and air conditioning units. * Servicing kitchen, appliances, and emergency equipment, reporting mechanical malfunctions to party for action. Moving and assisting in transportation of furniture and equipment. * Setting up and breaking down cubicle partitions, exercising discretion to identify projects that need higher skilled crafts individual’s services.

* Activating and deactivating building alarms and responding to alarm calls after and during regular work hours. Chapter III SITE PLAN Proposed Location of the Building Sketch of Floor plan The Floor plan and the perspective are more elaborated in the draft copy. Chapter IV: Marketing Plan A. Target Market Nature’s Touch Wellness Center is based on Barangay Sacred Heart, District 4 f Quezon City. The Region of the area comprises Kamuning area, Timog Avenue and Tomas Morato Avenue. The area is home to a population of almost 100,000 And some tourist who visit the area.

Nature’s Touch Wellness Center’s target market is those person who are 18 years old and above. Definitely: * Students * Workers * Professional * Retirees These persons are those who reside within the area and those who are tourist in the area. Some of them may have a healthy lifestyle and might patronize our service. SWOT Analysis Strengths * Customer Service * Pricing Convenience * Location Weakness * Time Cost * Competition Opportunities * Evaluate Operations * Improved Facilities * Business Expansion Threats * New Competitors *  Increase in material costs * Technology B. Promotional Mix Nature’s Touch Wellness Center is planning to create a website to use as an advertising aid in the internet. Where we can post some promotions, updates and information about our business. Also, display tarpaulins to areas with a lot of targeted markets exists and give away fliers to those who are passing by within the scope of our area.

As for our sales promotion, we will give discounts to students, couples and those who will come as a group. Also, we will give some free service to those who will have a membership. To keep the good image of our business, we will conduct some free seminars to the public about some matters on health. Most of all to give the best service we can give to customers, so our customers can refer us to other future customers. As called as the word-of-mouth promotion. Sample Tarpaulin Sample Calling card Chapter V CONTINGENCY PLAN This Contingency plan is focus on the following Risks: Brownouts Our Generators is ready anytime that a brownout can happen. * Our maintenance workers will check the electricity circuits for some problems.

If incase there is a problem, our maintenance workers would determine if they should call MERALCO hotline to fix the electrical supply. Water Shortage * We will provide water tanks for extra supply of water, incase of water shortage or cut-offs from MAYNILAD. * Our maintenance workers will check our water system for possible problems. Fire * Incase of fire, our Sprinkler system would react. * Fire extinguishers are ready to some designated places Our employees will evacuate the guest based on the fire evacuation plan and using the designated fire exit.

* Automatically our employees will call the fire department to fire-out the building and for some rescue reasons. Earth Quake * We will follow the basic earth quake drill. DROP, COVER, AND HOLD ON! Move only a few steps to a nearby safe place. Take cover under and hold onto a piece of heavy furniture or stand against an inside wall. Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to exit.

Stay away from windows. * After the shaking, follow also the fire evacuation plan or calmly go out to the nearest and safest exit.Medical Accidents * We will provide First aid kits to every place within the business premises. * Our employee will provide first aid to the possible injured person. * After the first aid has been given, we will call the nearest hospital or ambulance to provide proper healthcare to the possible injured person. * A life guard is provided within the therapy pool. Crimes * CCTV cameras are installed within the business premises.

* Our security personnel will handle the situation, while we were calling the nearest police station for the proper investigation of the crime.


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