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Last updated: April 5, 2019

Did you know that at least 50 percent of what you say is non-verbal? According to the article: Decoding Women’s Body Language most of what we say is non-verbal. Unlike men, who say what they mean and mean what they say, women are far more subtle and complex when communicating with the opposite sex. Men are straightforward in terms of communication whereas women need a little interpretation. However, women are constantly giving non-verbal cues and signals about how they’re thinking and feeling. The article Decoding Women’s Body Language deals with three main areas of concern- for men in particular.The article discusses flirtation and or attraction, lust, and feelings of disinterest. These areas of reading body language are probably the most engaging in terms of study and probably also the most misunderstood by most men.

A persons’ body language is also a more accurate meter of what a person is thinking or feeling than what they actually say. Charles Darwin theorized this in his book: The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals, possibly because nonverbal communication predates spoken language by thousands of years and moreover, most facial expressions are not cultural but are biological in origin.Therefore, the most common expressions: anger, happiness, disgust, sadness, and fear are universal to all humans and can be understood in almost any culture or context. It should also be noted that for the past few decades there has been an erosion of cultural differences worldwide in body language and the meaning of certain gestures and it could be stated that we are all becoming more American. In The Definitive Book of Body Language Allan Pease stated: “Due to the wide distribution of American television and movies, the younger generations of all cultures are developing a generic form of North American body language.

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Young children in every country that has television now wear baseball caps backwards and shout ‘Hasta la Vista baby,’ even if they don’t understand Spanish” When it comes to reading the body language of a female who is attracted to a male, the article only barely scratches the surface. Some common non-verbal signs that a woman is interested in a man are: playing with hair, fondling objects, gestures of exposed wrists, self-touching, shoe fondling, or pointing the knee or foot in the direction of the man they are most interested in. Almost all of these gestures are done subconsciously by the female.But further study outside of this article lead to far more interesting revelations about the early stages of attraction for men and women.

For instance, in the majority of animals, it’s the male that “dresses up” to impress the less-than-colorful females; think of a peacock or a mallard of example. Homo sapiens however, do it the other way around. For thousands of years women have been decorating themselves with jewelry, colorful clothing and painting their faces and have done most of the sexual advertising. Another fascinating courtship statistic is that women initiate most flirtatious encounters.

Men are far less perceptive to courtship signals and most of the time, are completely blind to them. It’s actually women that initiate up to 90 percent of all flirtatious encounters but they are done so subtly that men think they are actually taking the lead. It’s because men find it more difficult to interpret women’s body language and sometimes mistake friendliness and smiling for sexual interest. If you were to ask most men who makes’ the first move when courting the opposite sex men will in variably tell you that they do but all studies into courtship show that women are the initiator 90 percent of the time.

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