Firefighters Salary

I’m not sure if most of you know, but firefighters are among the lowest paid safety personnel in the United States. Tonight I am going to briefly explain why firefighters pay should increase not only because of the effort they put into being the best but the effort they put in to being ready for the worst. Fire fighters are clearly not paid enough if they are even paid at all, only a mere 10% of U.

S firefighters are paid the other 90% is completely volunteer. Through all of their courageous efforts to protect and serve the public, they only make at most $60,000 a yearJust think the fire fighters on 9/11 had a yearly salary that was at most $60,000. That’s less than 30 dollars an hour for putting their life at risk to save others. Whenever there’s guy at the top of one of those towers sitting behind a desk that makes $60,000 in a month. Also consider professional athletes, this past year Tiger Woods made $110 million dollars for playing golf, just walking out on a course and hitting a ball. The average house fire burns at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit when fully engulfed.So while Tiger Woods is out with his sun glasses and visor there are men and women around this country walking into an 1800 degree room not knowing if there even going to make it back out in order to save someone else’s life! Actors and actress also get paid millions and do they ever go to work not knowing if they’re going to make it home? No. for instance Johnny Depp made a total 0f 75 million dollars in one year, that’s over $20,000 a day! And yet a firefighter makes a little over $160 a day all to save someone else’s life and property.

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Firefighters are the men and women that are running in whenever everyone else is running out. They are the ones that pledge to do whatever they can in their power to save someone that they have never met in their life and will most likely never talk to again, and yet their pay is so low. Those are just a few reasons why firefighters should receive a major pay increase, not only because they risk their lives for others, but because they have to put in a lot of effort to be the best and be ready for the worst. Thank you for your time and I look forward to listening to everyone else’s

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