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Hugo Flores Oct 9, 2010 English 001 MA Essay My First Job in U. S. A. Before I came to The United States, I worked in several jobs in my natal country, Dominican Republic. The most of them were not exactly the kind of job that people would enjoy.I have worked under the hot Caribbean sun, lifting and carrying heavy bags of sand at a construction site, I have washed mountains of plates at a restaurant kitchen, I have sweated for ten hours a day working with melted metal at a jewelry factory. But none of these compare to the nightmare that I experienced at my first job in this country at a famous restaurant in New York City.

First of all, this job was exhausting. For eleven hours a night I had to carry upstairs a huge tray full of pounds of hot food from a kitchen located at the basement floor.Besides that, I had to rush all the time from one table to another, taking orders or bringing down to the kitchen dozens of dirty plates, taking only a fifteen minutes break during the whole night. More than the physical demand, another problem of this job was the late schedule. I left work at 12:00 pm then I had to walk four blocks to the subway station and wait there sometimes for more than thirty minutes for the train to arrive, most of the time in a solitary platform, which put me every night in a dangerous situation.Even more than the late schedule, what I hated the most about my job as a waiter was the Chef, who used to yell and curse to every employee continuously; and some guests that were never happy, always complaining, being offensive, and treating me as if I was a slave.

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One night one of them dropped his steak on my shoes just because it was overcooked for his taste. That was the end of it. I could not take this kind of humiliation anymore. I walked to the manager’s office to quit, and I promised myself never again to work as a waiter.


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