First Week of Reflection on Student Teacher Experience

When I had an orientation, there were three choices of year level which were grade6, 3rd and 4th year high school. I, Esder and Cindy were not able to decide so that we just decided to have draw lots. Finally I picked 3rd year but my cooperating teacher, Ms. Irish, was handling two classes of 3rd year and also two classes of 4th year so that I felt it would be harder because I had to prepare for two year levels. Ms. Irish also had her own 4th year class which name was St. Ignatius so that I had to go that class every morning.I was so nervous and excited that having practicum.

I also worried about if they would look at me as a stranger since I have different nationality. When I arrived in front of the classroom, I noticed that my CT was not yet there so I just stayed outside of the classroom. Meanwhile, all the students were looking at me and one of them approached me and asked If I was student-teacher or not. When I said yes, she yelled out. After few minutes, I entered the classroom with CT. She warned me that not to be nice to students because they were very excited that they would have Korean student-teacher.

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Wherever I entered the classroom, all the students liked me. I guess it was really great thing that they wanted to be closed to me. But the bad thing is I was not able to be seen as strict teacher because I always smiled to them. I didn’t know how I reacted to students so I just smiled to them. Before I slept after the first day, I thought I failed to show like some charisma to them so I worried if they would not follow when I have the class. For the first week, My CT told me that I would observe the classroom first until next week then I would experience teaching for next week.

Actually I wanted to have observation more because I was so nervous to teach. Through my own evaluation of this week, I was not able to handle the class during homeroom time. Since they spoke in Tagalog, I had hard time to approach to them. I just watched them and I just answered when some students approached to ask about me.

For the next week, I would still have observation so I would try to close to students and remember the names. I would decided in my mind that I’m a teacher.. I’m a teacher… It is my goal for the next week.

I would achieve to close with them and feel comfortable in the classroom.

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