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Last updated: February 21, 2019

I am currently working in Flatirons Solutions as a Systems Engineer, working with the Federal Aviation Administration’s traffic flow management division. I was selected for this position for two main reasons; my advanced knowledge in computer network operations and proven ability of modernization of proprietary hardware and software. Most of my work here, I’m closely working and dealing with  the FAA’s Network Operations, System Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Developers and other personnel to establish an open architecture platform with a  robust framework for implementing enhancements & operational improvements.As a product of my curiosity, I learned how to fix computer hardware and laptops. From my early pre college education up to now, I can’t forget my experiences working as a computer technician. Through my college life my knowledge expanded to the software administration of computer technologies. For almost nine years, I’ve been working and have familiarized myself with the software applications and operating systems.

After finishing my undergraduate degree, my first work was to be a networking analyst. While working, my networking abilities were challenged. I had to update my previous learning in wireless networking, switches, routing and VPN’s. I had mastered it for eight years now. As time progresses and the technology continuously advancing, I had to enroll in a small IT learning center to enhance my seven year experience in website development.

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I learned the new concepts in database management and project planning. Today, I could say that I have a stable job for I think now is the end of my learning process in the information technology and computer science world. All I have learned before is the application on my work at the present. I don’t have to fix bare bone computers anymore for now I am doing project management and the complicated works in information security.

I am completely wrong. I thought it was the end of it after having advanced knowledge in those fields. Now I truly believe “that nothing in this world is permanent”. The fast changing and upgrading phase of computer technology is inevitable. Continuous learning will be a must until the day I retire. Now I deemed it necessary to enroll in a graduate program.Today, as an employee in Flatirons Solutions, I don’t have to rest on my laurels and let my guard down because one of the requirements of working in here is to continually gain knowledge in the vast information technology world and for me to hold higher position. I am planning to obtain my Master’s in Information Systems here in Strayer University.

With a solid 12 years of experience in Information Technology and a U.S. security clearance backing my expertise in the field, I want to be admitted in the university’s graduate program. The degree program which offers concentration in Computer Security Management, will be beneficial to my employer, my future and personal goals in the Information Security field.

However, one of the requirements to the admission in the program is the student is presumed to have undergraduate courses in:1.      CIS 293 – Administering Desktop Clients2.      CIS 332 – Network Sever Administration3.      CIS 401 – Network Server Implementation4.      CIS 111 – Introduction to relational database management systems5.

      CIS 219 – Database Management Systems6.      CIS 212 – System Modeling Theory7.      CIS 409 – Directory Services InfrastructureThe main reason I am constructing this portfolio is to advance thru these courses by providing detailed explanation and justification that I have gained enough knowledge in these areas and thus I deserve to be credited to pursue my goals of obtaining my master’s degree. Attached in this portfolio are my certificates of training, performance ratings, letters of endorsement, and supporting documentation to support my claim.CIS 293 – Administering Desktop ClientsThis course was the foundation of my professional experience so I deemed it necessary that I start with it.

Let me tell you my basic and advance knowledge in the content of this course and also provide you with signed letters from my employers to back me.The course deals with installations, troubleshooting, file systems management and configuration, recovery and network access.While I was in college at Northern Virginia Community College, I had a part time job at a nearby shop building and repairing bare bone computers with a $10 per hour compensation.

This was my weakness when I was young as I attempted to fix my aunt’s computer. I was sure that I can do it. But since I don’t have knowledge about it, the repair became the other way around. My aunt scolded me for damaging it. I haven’t even brought the case back properly.As I was doing this part time job, it didn’t take long for me to have knowledge of computer’s intangible parts.

I was not confined just in the hardware maintenance. While in school and simultaneously attending to this job, I suddenly got curious and eventually learned installing software and operating systems. It was not that hard, but at first it seemed a little bit complicated.

From the first operating system, DOS up to today’s Microsoft software products, I learned it from my part time job. After graduating I look up for a white collar job. Luckily I had one.

My experience landed me a job at Aetna Insurance as a system desktop support. Most of my work there deals with networking but at the same time I am doing jobs similar to a software engineer. Although, the operating system we are using there is an earlier version of Windows, familiarity with it is the most important.  The next three years, I was involved in Xybernaut Corporation and Freddie Mac. Here in Freddie Mac, I was introduced into a the upgraded version of Windows, which is the XP.

My stay in those companies further solidified my networking skills. I also worked my way up to become a Tier III Computer Network Operations Support Specialist. Nine years of software applications and operating systems coupled with my eight years of experience in wireless networking would rightfully strengthen my claim to be credited with this course. Also, I have seven years of related work, dating back to my college days, in routing and installing switches. My knowledge in virtual private network will also back me.

I have six years of experience in relation to VPN’s. I have included two signed letters with current and past acknowledgement of the materials needed to be credited for this course from my employers.CIS 332 – Network Server AdministrationCIS 401 – Network Server ImplementationCIS 409 – Directory Services InfrastructureDuring my past employment in Xybernaut Corporation and Freddie Mac, I deal with networking problems and implementations. As a proof I was promoted to a Tier III position.

As I go through, let me first browse the scope of CIS 332 – Network Server Administration. The main objective of this course is central administration tasks on the servers in a server centric network.My first encounter with network server administration was when I’m in Aetna Insurance. I do all the networking there to provide other employees with files and information on the server. Hardware device management was also included in my work. Ten years of experience in this area will support my claim as I repaired and maintained laptops and personal computers. As I mentioned earlier.

, installation of operating systems and its implementations was also my forte. As part of being a Tier III, one of my responsibilities was to attend to trouble requests up to the escalation processes problems. It is not that a Tier I or II can’t fix it, but only Tier III has the rights and authority to access the Active Directory. I also provide the company its security on it. Imagine how big a responsibility that was. Eventually, I mastered how to install and configure servers.

I also hold the company’s network protocols. Not included in my original job description while working as a Tier III employee was I also served as a data and networking support specialist. I’ve handled most of the retrieval and data management.On the part of CIS 401 – Network Server Implementation which is closely related to the first course and CIS 409 – Directory Services Infrastructure, I again provided the protocols and the remote access. Majority of the problems I handled when I was in Xybernaut was joining domains. The access to the secured and shared resources also runs through me. Authentication of internet service and securing rights for the local machines was also my responsibility, for the installation of new hardware and software.

Although the company’s website was created earlier before I joined, I was able to be a part of the team which maintained and updated the site. My employment at Freddie Mac and Xybernaut Corporation provided me with the knowledge and skills as I spent one year performing central administration. I will provide a detailed and signed certifications to prove and attest my claim.CIS 111– Introduction to relational database management systemsCIS 219 – database management systemsAs I went through my job, the knowledge that I have gained was not confined in just one area of computer science.

Managing databases was included in the college courses I learned from my professors in NVCC. I had the basic application of this when I’m still with Aetna. I construct tables using different software, from network and relational models. As what my experiences and knowledge about CIS 111 – Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems I had, I deserve to be credited in this course.During my college days, we were taught of a software program called Lotus 123. From the class, we were asked to interview 50 people with their full name, birthday, complete address and their jobs. From the information provided by those people, we organized them into a table. And then our teacher told us to type a certain information about the data gathered and all pertinent data will come out.

Like for example, I key in the last name of an old man I have interviewed, his birthday, address and job will pop out. This was the basic.Now as working with Aetna, we deal with many customers.

As a system desktop support, I constantly update the database of the company. These information and data contain name of members and policy holders. Also included are the profile, address etc. What I am proud of to claim is, I am responsible for the program that updates the payment of policyholders. The initial and monthly payments accumulated and then subtracted from the face value.After my job at Aetna Insurance, I worked at Toshiba Logistics Corporation, a Japanese laptop manufacturer. My work there was defined as a receiving officer. Suppliers store PC parts in our warehouse after I received them.

I am updating the vendor managed inventory from our suppliers everytime their parts are used in manufacturing. There I used the Oracle VMI system. I implemented what I learned from a seminar in database management in our company. Plus the solid seven years of experience in website development, which I learned while working, I hope will be enough to advance me through CIS 219 – Database Management Systems.  Aside from this I had seven years of database and six years project planning understanding.CIS 212 – System Modeling TheoryBefore proceeding to work at Flatirons, every applicant was subjected to a test. The exam is very hard and very objective.

All of your stored knowledge will be tested. Included in the examination is of course, about information technology and also mathematics. Luckily I still remember my mathematical skills. One of the problems there was on linear programming and probabilities.

My management skills were also challenged. We were asked to optimize a particular company dilemma on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, does anyone want to ask me, Why I am working at Flatirons? I passed the examinations.My present work in Flatirons Solutions will justify my request to be credited for this course.

I will provide certificate from my immediate supervisor about the nature and scope of my work in the company including descriptions. I have no previous knowledge of the coverage of CIS 212 but I learned it through my work experiences. And here at Flatirons is the best venue that the course is applied. Although it is not directly similar, I truly have done works as presented in the course outline – when to use simulation, its advantages and disadvantages, its application, the models to use in simulation, analysis of data and verification and validation of models. I am doing models for the federal aviation’s flight plan, its simulation and projected expected time of arrival and departure. We as a team in Flatirons maintain a large framework where we closely monitor the aviation’s activities.

Included in the certificate is the length of my experience in Project Management which is four years and on Information Security, three years.I am hoping that with this portfolio, I will be able to secure a slot and admission into the university’s graduate program. Having my Master’s in Information Systems degree will mean a lot to me, as I am also looking forward to be a member of the academe someday, preferably teaching in the undergraduate level. 


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