Flooding in the Ganges Basin

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Last updated: February 1, 2019

Flooding in the Ganges basin – human factors Deforestation in many parts of the river basin, e.

g. Nepal, Bhutan and Northern India. This is a result of population growth (more wood is needed for cooking and heating. Also more forests are cleared for farm land). This has led to increased flooding. This is a result of: * More erosion of soil as roots no longer hold soil together * Less take-up of water by plant roots * Less interception of rain fall by vegetation coverPositive impact of flooding in Ganges/Brahmaputra river basin Regular annual flooding is essential to people who live on the flood plain of these rivers, the farming season is planned around the floods, rice is a main crop and requires large quantities of water. Also, when the river floods it leaves behind fertile silt. write about how soils, vegetation and climate influence surface runoff which influences flooding or water shortage in the stupid drainage basin.

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. 1.Flood – Like droughts, flood are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Flooding is a result of a temporary overflow of water that escapes its usual boundaries. While small-scale flooding occurs frequently along riverbanks or lakeshores, from time to time a significant flood happens as a result of a severe storm such as a hurricane in Canada’s Maritime region, or rapid melting of the winter snowpack.

People living in a region threatened by flood will often take measures to hold the water back to protect their land, homes and businesses. . Water shortages – A water shortage is the result of human demand exceeding available supply of potable water, often as a result of water over-allocation from a single source, or from excessive pollution of a water source required for human use. Flooding Deforestation-In urban areas there are less trees as they are cut down to build buildings reducing transportation and infiltration which also increase surface runoff which increases chances of flooding.


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