For Better or Worse

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Last updated: February 4, 2019

Haney 1 Katia Haney English 101 Prof. Cestone Tuesday, Thursday 2:20-3:45 For Better or Worse Marriage is defined as the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments. There are many issues to be addressed before deciding to get married.

When the decision is made, couples believe that their commitment will sustain the tests of time. However, some couples are unable to maintain their marriages. Marriages are in the face of great difficulty due to coping with financial stress ssociated with the loss of employment, and the marriages that end in divorce will have negative effects on the children who are involved as well as those who are facing similar challenges. At this time, marriages and family life are dying. Marriages are no longer ending with the death of a spouse, now almost half end in divorce.Divorce is no longer perceived as a sign of selfishness, immaturity, or a lack of commitment, instead it has become the new trend. Relationships are lacking resilience and commitment. The demands of relationships are reater and people are bailing out too easily.

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As a result of a spouse losing their employment, significant financial problems occur, Haney 2 creating financial stress as well. Unemployment has generated financial boundaries. Husbands and wives become frustrated because of debt and even more so with not knowing how to get out of it. A single income has been putting a strain on the person who is still working.

This person has to become the sole provider, often not being able to support an entire family on an individual income.Couples are no longer able to continue the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to and are unable to adapt to the change. The simple things that they used to enjoy even become difficult to obtain. The financial stability of the relationship has been compromised and produces an enhanced level of stress.

These combined factors take a toll on the marriage. Because of the stress linked with the loss of employment, couples are unable to cope. The effects of divorce will continue to change the lives of all whom are concerned. Children will ave both physical and emotional changes. The physical concept of change for children is that they will no longer be living in homes where both parents reside. Some children will think that they are the reason for their parents no longer being together, this would be the emotional change. The child or children will also have less contact with one of their parents due to divorce, potentially weakening the relationship.

These effects on children could continue into adulthood and possibly effect the next generation of children as well. The astounding number of divorces ould also place negative thoughts in the minds of others who are married and encountering financial hardships, as well as those planning to wed. These thoughts could result in an increased Haney 3 rate in cohabitation versus marriage. In conclusion, the divorce rate is significantly high. The stress associated with monetary issues because of losing one’s job is the primary cause. The impact of divorce will continue to have a negative impact on all whom are concerned and others as well. Ironically, marriages end due to the financial stress, but the cost of divorce is a financial hurdle in itself.


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