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Last updated: March 9, 2019

Well, we could provide more Sainik Schools and those who feel like completing their first to 10th grade education through such schools are welcome to join. We already have such schools in India and we can build some more. Miltary Training instill a sense of pride, nationalism, and patriotism l think the Army Cadet Force should be more advertised for the benefit of adults and kids. It teaches discipline and respect for yourself as well as for others.As an adult you can obtain training and play a part in courses while you can help to teach your cadets.

Our kids are brilliant and love what they do, when you watch them grow and learn it is so rewarding. I believe it would be a beneficial way of solving a lot of societies issues, it provides young adults the experience and discipline that they tend to be lacking in this day and age. It would provide people the opportunity to learn trades and/or get money to help pay for collage which is quickly outpacing many families ability to pay.I believe it is probably even more important for the social elite which would seek to find some exemption mostly so they can see how the world works without all the affluence that surrounds them. One more reasons to make this compulsory is very few of normal citizens know what the soldiers sitting at the border or in a war actually do? They are not known to the hardships they have to face, and if this training is made compulsory, then obviously including the cadets, their families would get to know about it..

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We are taught so many things about the army, the techniques used in a war, also a part of the military training.. Now this is not a much longer program, so many of you may think that what knowledge could we get in 5days.. But if you see it somewhat practically, then 5 days is not that less even, because military training is not about getting completely into it for which we need a lot of time, but its about our knowledge of the army, of their ways, tactics and precautions one has to make.SO for that 5 days are not that less even. It’s not that youth don’t need training – they do.

And some of the qualities that military training gives – discipline, working for and in a group, fitness, energy are all useful to make them more capable so they can lead more meaningful & productive lives and contribute to the overall success & productivity of their families & land.We need more trained teachers, doctors, social activists, engineers, entrepreneurs..

. the list is endless. We need more roads, more schools, more food, more electricity, more water, more houses.

.. this list is endless too. Trained & educated youth would contribute to the removal of poverty and distress – first for them selves – and then for their society. When unattended these cause violent uprisings which are then suppressed by the military.


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