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Last updated: March 19, 2019

There are different actions needed before the execution of the marketing plan. Financially, more funds are needed for advertising MIXY to increase awareness, new product development, and better colors for the packaging.

MIXY is not advertised and it needs to be in a larger product line to compete better. Also, as the packaging is made by the same supplier as CL, it should differ to be easily recognized. More expenditure is also needed for the R&D as the company is strong in this field.It has an opportunity to provide product with more mixed flavors in addition to what it has for the moment like avocado, peach… to be recognized by the local customers as a product with a strong added value that does not exist in the market. New systems will be bought to better develop MIXY. When it comes to the human resources, COPAG needs to merchandisers and a product manager in order to well maintain the marketing plan. The product manager function is to improve MIXY as a product with mixed flavors.Different tasks will be given to him in order to enhance it.

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The merchandisers will be outsourced to work in allow consumers in MARJANE and ACIMA to taste MIXY and offer them gifts. Process control: To ensure that the existing inputs and the additional are doing well, many actions are needed during the execution of the marketing plan. For the product manager, he has to work in a multi-disciplinary team to check whether all functional areas in addition to the marketing department are following similar goals and objectives.In addition to this, one important task that they have is that they should to keep an eye on all factors affecting MIXY like the components of the product in the production department. Every merchandiser should be invited to give his opinion in terms of what he sees and what he believes it needs to be done. The merchandisers need to be controlled and evaluated to check whether they are doing their job. If it is the case, commissions should be given to the best merchandisers in addition to their salaries. Output control:To enable ourselves to know whether we succeeded in our marketing plan or not, the following standards are set to check whether we reached our goals and objectives or not.

• Market share: 25% • Increase Profitability • Increase the Return on investment: 10% • New product innovation: MIXY should be perceived as a product that keeps on changing in a positive fashion. Additional mixed flavors for new product should come to existence. • High Core product quality: consumers should spread positive word of mouth and perceive that MIXY has a great quality of juice. Strong brand name: for gaining more market share from competitors like CL, JAOUDA should have stronger brand equity in order to attract more audience.

• High price elasticity: in period like the summer, the demand should increase as we will be establishing a price cut in hot period like this. • Effective distribution: MIXY should be distributed near to consumers anywhere. It should every in every retail outlet.

We expect to reach 56,000 intermediary outlets.• Increase awareness: more customers should know about MIXY as product that has mixed flavors. Increase brand recognition: local consumers got to be aware that MIXY belongs to JAOUDA • A higher frequency of purchase: we want to bring a new culture in Morocco that is drinking healthy drinks and not soda, coffee, tea and so on. Then, why not push the Ho-re-ka sector to include MIXY in their menus. If we realize later on that our overall performance, product performance, IMC performance and the distribution performance did not match the previous standards, the following actions should be executed: Changing the company from which we are outsourcing. We will be grading it according to how much we are reaching our advertising objectives. • Improving the IMC to better reach our communication objectives. Using our primary and secondary data, we tend to understand what will attract our customers’ attention the most.

• Putting as many products of MIXY as possible in the front of the intermediaries’ outlets. The first intermediaries in which we will focus the most are retailers like MARJANE, ASWAQ-SALLAM, HANOUTI, LABELVIE, and ACIMA.For METRO, the largest Moroccan wholesaler, we will follow a specific negotiation because it’s going to merge with LABELVIE; • Follow a cost leadership strategy to increase the profitability. After collaborating with the financial department, getting ride off the assets that are not needed is important in order to gain more cash in hand and invest it in other projects. • Sponsoring any events that encourage healthy food and drinks whether on TV, radio in order to show the end-users target that we are providing a healthy drink that can be taken to improve human health. Conclusion: To conclude, the future of COPAG JAOUDA is brilliant.The company can be the leader in the market as it has great opportunities that it should benefit from.

The product MIXY that it produces can be successful. Our marketing plan started with the company and MIXY analysis. We could understand what actual situation the firm has by analyzing it internally and externally.

We also beneficiated from the SWOT analysis that was very helpful to get the best strategies and tactics. New goals and objectives are set to make sure that the plan is doing well. We want to attract more consumers and increase awareness of a product that is known and unsought in the market.Our strategies are targeting a large two segments of B2B and B2C.

To implement our market plan, a crucial staregy is implemented to improve the product and the advertising. Additional changes to the structure of the firm to be better implementing these strategies. To increase our opportunities to succeed, we are controlling our plan from the inputs we add, their process, and the outputs we expect.

Straight actions are ready to cope with any negative outcome in our project. As future marketers, we believe that our marketing plan is ready to be used for MIXY.


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