The life of a Franciscan friar reminds me of the saying that we can have more by being less and a journey through eternity is accomplished by living the life of Christ in His human flesh.My choice of joining the Franciscan order stems from my desire to serve the Higher Being with humility and to be one with Him in serving His brethrens.

The life of a Franciscan may seem complex in the eyes of those who are not in the service of God but the lifestyle of this order is a process that will make me realize and feel the greatness of His love. It is in internalizing and living with the radiance of God’s unfailing love and teachings that would draw people to a deeper relationship with Christ.Following the Franciscan order will teach me the value of chastity, obedience and poverty in establishing a deeper relationship with Christ.

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When one is free from a passionate relationship, material possessions and disobedience, one will not succumb to the temptation of greed, sloth, infidelity, envy, pride and other forms of sins.Serving the poor and the homeless and bringing these people closer to God in spite of their predicament is a passion and a commitment that I have instilled in my heart. Preaching the gospel of the Lord and making others realize that Christ is with them in their pains and sufferings is a great challenge but this is a task that I intend to perform with devotion and guidance from the Franciscan community.Being a part of the community that will actively maintain and preserve the sanctity of the Holy Land will bring so much joy in my life as this is a place often visited by the pilgrims all over the world.

In addition, I also want to serve Christians who are living in the Holy Land and help them keep the purity of their hearts as they allow the spirit of the Lord to work within their souls.I may have less in material possessions and worldly pleasures but I will gain more in spiritual fulfillment by becoming a Franciscan.



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