1-What did this author (Friedman) have to say, I thought he was really a great clues about Microsoft in developing software?One of the main points of Friedman is that the flat world has allowed technology to flow from one country to another with greater ease.  The traditional boundaries that have hampered the exchange in information are no longer existent and countries who traditionally lagged behind can quickly adopt the new technological developments.  Seen from another aspect, in software development, companies such as Microsoft are able to tap the talent from these other countries where because of the information exchange they have caught up and hire these talents for a lower fee as opposed to hiring locally.  This allows Microsoft to reap the benefits of high quality for a lower cost and generates more savings and eventually greater profits.  The point of Friedman therefore has two aspects, the first being that the flat world has allowed other countries to catch up technologically in a rather short amount of time and thus resulting in the creation of new talent and the second being that companies such as Microsoft are now able to take advantage of such talent by tapping into the deep talent pool of other countries such as China and India for lower costs.2-What is the best way to write PowerPoint bullets?The most common problem with PowerPoint bullets is that they are most often written according to the mindset of the presenter and fails to anticipate just how the audience will react to the flow of the bullets.  Bullets are most often generalized and uninformative, leading, or rather misleading the audience into generalizations and assumptions that are more fiction than fact and this tends to derail the flow of the presentation.An effective PowerPoint presentation is able to properly utilize the bullets in such a manner as to not leave anything essential out of the presentation to allow the audience to get into the flow of the report.

  The bullets should therefore contain enough information to keep the audience informed but not too much as too overload the audience.  The most effective tip in this aspect is to highlight the key words of the bullet points to draw the attention of the audience.  The presentation of figures and numbers should also be done in such a way as not to overwhelm but to guide.Another way of writing bullet points is to number them systematically to show the audience that there is a logical flow in the presentation.

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  It is a method of guiding the audience so that the desired result is achieved.



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