The future is in the hands of a teacher.

I believe that a teacher holds so much power and the future of this planet greatly depends on them. Without teachers, this world is likely to become dormant and lonely. Teachers serve as the bridge towards success and change. Without them and their teachings there would be no professionals neither will there be improvements in the way this world runs.Teachers spice up life; they encourage people to learn more and discover the secrets of this world and life have to offer.

Through teachers, students are able to understand the major events that happen around them, why they occur and what makes them move.A teacher holds so much power that they influence all facets of a student’s life. Among the aspects that a teacher affects is the philosophy of the students. Teachers have the capability to mould the frame of mind of their students, encourage idealism and nurture them to become law abiding citizens later on. Aside from philosophy, teachers also play a great role in shaping the future of their students. Their academic teachings  affect the decisions that students make later on in their life.

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It also affects their dreams and ambitions. Lessons learned from school either makes or breaks their dreams; either way, they widen the horizon of students and make them realize that there is more to life then simplicity.Aside from these, a teacher is also given a wider avenue to gain more knowledge and understand the world both in the perspective of an adult and that of a child.

Oftentimes, adults get so hooked with the complexities of life that they tend to forget to enjoy living. Learning as they say is a two way process. It is not only the teacher who imparts knowledge but also the students. Educators teach the students what is life while students teach their mentors how to live life.

These are just some of the reasons why I want to become a teacher.



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