Gatorade Marketing Plan

Gatorade was developed in 1965 at The University of Florida Gatorade was first invented in one flavor-lemon lime . Today therei is over 35 flavors and the list is growing every day. On the field, Gatorade is used by just about every athlete that competes in a sport . Competitor: Energy drinks, water companies, propel fitness water Objectives: Why do we get thirsty, what is the difference between water and a sports drink, what are type fluid guidelines for athletes, what drink should athletes avoid Gatorade ‘s PTM are youth leading an “active” lifestyle.Who wanted to enhance performance, can choose Powerade, Pocari Sweat and other sports drinks. Gap is all other brands focused on providing fuel, fluid and nutrients before, during and abd after activity The market size is US $ 5.

3 billion in sales. Gatorade niche is US $ 140 Billion. Gatorade’s primary target market (PTM) are the youth leading an “active “ lifestyle. Demographics (pre-adults (13-24), M/F, social class ABC, singl Lifestyle (athletic , into sports, active individuals) Behaviour ( thirst quenching, prevent dehydration)Primary target market ‘s NEW The youth needs to be secured (health), avoid dehydration, thirst quenching. The youth choose Gatorade over other sports drinks because : Flavor, available in all convenient stores, brand ( endorsed by Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade), taste The youth expects this when they drink Gatorade: thirst quenching, rehydrated, more active, energized, thus they remain youthful and athletic.

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Influencing Buyer Behaviour Maslow’s theory Level 1: Physiological needs Level 2: Safety needs (security, protection) ________ I won’t get dehydratedLevel 3: Social needs (sense of belonging, love) ________ I would be like Mechael Jordan/ Dwayne Wade Level 4: Esteem needs (self esteem, recognition, status) Level 5: Self actualization needs ( self –development and realization) -________ I am active , I am a winner Competitors: Direct: Pocari Sweat, Powerade, Indirect: Energy drinks ( Redbull, Samurai, flavor water, tea (C2, Real leaf), water Variables: Price, packaging, convenience of use, different variants, availability, brand, liftstule,. Examples of position map 1. Lifestyle Vs Age 2. Brand vs Positioning 3.

Gatorade is #1 in niche: active lifestyle for 13-24 years



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