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Last updated: June 21, 2019

Homosexuals must be allowed to adopt children just like any other couple who want to do the same thing. A child needs love, respect and a home in which they can assure themselves that there will be someone there to care for them.

As in the example, there is no need for a dad and a mom who will always be arguing about the shared custody. Just because their parents are homosexuals does not mean that the child will grow up to be the same. Everyone is different and will grow up to be what they want to be.

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Children don’t always come out exactly like their parents. These children aren’t any different.They will grow up to think for themselves and decide their own sexuality.

There are many people who oppose gay couples being allowed to raise children. Homosexuals are regular people who live in our society. The only difference is they have decided to be attracted to people of their same sex. The only problem with American culture is that they tend to reject or feel threatened by new ideas. Homosexuals would be able to give the love and respect any parent gives to their child.

They care about others just as well, unless they are un-human and have no feelings.Why don’t we question those parents who abuse their children or when it comes to worse, kill them? Why do people have to criticize by outward appearance and not by what they really have? Gay couples who do have children just need to reassure their child that homosexuals aren’t a disease. They have to make them see that it is ok just like before in time when people were trying to teach other people that relationships between colored people and whi Adoption agencies should allow homosexual couples to adopt children who are in need of love and shelter.For years this discussion has been taken to courts and to adoption agencies. The question is, are they considered to be fit parents to raise a child? Recently, there has been an incredible boost in the number of homosexual couples looking to adopt a child. The best interest of the child is at stake when it comes to adoption. Adoption agencies have to insure that the child will be cared for, supported, and have good role models in there lives as well.

If homosexual couples have all the qualities to meet the requirements, they should be allowed to adopt a child.Homosexual couples must be allowed to adopt a child in order to raise them in a safe and loving environment. Homosexuals have decided to live their lives with a person of the same sex. Whether it is man and man or woman and woman, they are happy with who they are. Although many people do not define homosexuals as “normal” couples, they are able to care for a child just as any other couple is able to. The word “homosexual“ does not take away a persons ability to love a child. These people work, love, fight, and forgive just as any othe Homosexual Adoption is a problem that is currently facing today’s society.

Is it wrong for two men or women to adopt a child? Could their sexuality affect the environment in which a child grows in an influential way? Is it fair to put a child into that situation? Is it fair to deny a couple the right to adopt because of their sexuality? These questions have plagued minds of politicians and citizens for over the last 30 years. Before I tell you the topic of my speech, let me give you a scenario. Imagine that you are with the person of your dreams.

They are smart, sweet, intelligent, your parents even approve of them.You have gotten to the point in your relationship where you want to have a family, but like lots of families in the US, you are not able to conceive a child, so you do what any loving couple would do, you try to adopt a child. You get dressed up, get your papers together and go to the adoption agency only to find out that it is illegal for you to adopt a child.

Why is it illegal? Cause it is a homosexual couple. First I would like to give a little background on the foster care system. Everyday there are more and more children in foster care and no one to take care of them.At first adoption was only a basis for infertile middle-classed white heterosexual couples but then the adoption agencies started to include people like minority groups The central idea that I was trying to put across in the beginning was the debate of homosexual couples being legally able to adopt. Tim Pope said, “Homosexual people are unstable in their lifestyle-period.

It is said that there is no real evidence supporting the fact that homosexuals are not able to provide a stable home. ” I would like to conclude my speech on the general purpose.Next I would like to talk about the anti-homosexual adoption side of the debate. First I will restate the cons of the situation.

The Child Welfare League of America says that every time a group was introduced to be able to adopt, there was controversy. The adoption family center says that there is no evidence to suggest that the children of lesbian and gay parents are less intelligent, suffer from more problems, are less popular, or have lower self-esteem than children of heterosexual parents. All of the research to date states that lesbians and gay men are not unfit to be parents.A homosexual relationship implies the exercise of illegal activities, and no child should be permitted to enter that type of setting,” he said.

The fact of the matter is that good parenting does not dwell on the fact of sexual orientation but the fact of a loving and nurturing home. ” Homosexual relationships are said to last a shorter amount of time than heterosexual relationships. It is said that the reason that it is illegal to adopt in Mississippi is because it is already illegal to sodomize in Mississippi. It is also said that homosexuals are not stable enough to support a child.


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