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The late medieval period is a segment in history that became known for having a significant role in the history of literature.

It is an era where great works of literature were created, and great writers were born. Although, the late medieval period is a significant time for literature, the average person could probably only cite a few names of writers from that era. And out of all the names that would be mentioned, the name of Geoffrey Chaucer would have the highest probability of being mentioned. That is simply because Chaucer would be the best representative of the literature of the late medieval period.

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This answer is heavily based on the success and influence of his “Canterbury Tales.” What is remarkable about this particular work of Chaucer is that it is heavily influenced by real life. It expresses the concerns of the average people of medieval England.

As a result, the characters that Chaucer had created are superior to the other works of his time in terms of being realistic. Moreover, he is considered as the father of English literature primarily because of his extensive use of the vernacular of the English language. It would be also important to consider that it is estimated that he had produced around five hundred works of literature.

As a tribute to his greatness, many monuments have been built after his death. An asteroid and a moon crater was also named after Chaucer.One does not need to look far to consider Chaucer as a great representative of the late medieval literature. The very manifestation of this is his influence on literature studies. His works had become a staple study material for those who endeavor in literature studies. His stories are still being read by enthusiast of fiction, at the same time his poems are still recited by those who enjoy poetry. The name Geoffrey Chaucer and the literature late medieval period is certainly closely related.

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