George Kills Lennie

I think the Grand Jury should drop all charges brought upon George Milton. For the murder of Lennie, the charge is 1st degree murder. George, a friend of Lennie’s, obviously didn’t want his friend to be tortured and killed in a harsh manner which is why he chose to took the law into his own hands. Since Lennie is the cause of Curley’s wife’s death the ranch insisted on killing Lennie instead of prosecuting him. George decided the easiest way out of life would be a bullet to the back of the head. He took Lennie to a beautiful part of the foothills by the Salinas River and shot him.George Milton is an innocent man, he is clearly more caring for a persons life than the people on the ranch. If anyone should be charged it should be them for wanting to carry out such a brutal murder of a mentally challenged person.

George didn’t want to kill Lennie but he had to because it was the right thing to do. Anyone else in those shoes would have picked the same route if not similar. My reason is George cared about Lennie which shows he didn’t have a choice to save his friend from suffering.My second reason is George and Lennie once dreamed of living on a ranch.

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But because of both of their disadvantages that dream would never be achieved but it was something to look forward to. Without Lennie that dream is gone. Another reason George might have killed Lennie is that he did not want Lennie to hurt anyone else. George loved Lennie, but he knew that, although Lennie had no bad intentions, Lennie was not aware of his own strength. After killing Curly’s wife, Lennie’s deepest concern is that George won’t let him tend the rabbits.



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