George W. Bush

President George W. Bush, in his latest State of the Union Address proposed economic reforms for the general welfare of the American people. With these, he hoped for America a more stable supply of energy to keep its economy running smoothly.In order to achieve this, America needs to reduce it dependence of oil imports from the Middle East; rather, the country’s “mode of production” of the needed energy from its own natural resources should be increased.

In the words of the President, America’s needs to diversify its energy supply through technology. He hoped that the demand for this energy commodity or “use-value” could be met by stepping-up its production.Basically, there are two basic classes in a class-society, the surplus producers and the other is the one which extracts this surplus. Situated between these two classes is the middle class. This concept is applicable to President Bush’s proposal of changing the tax code to make health care affordable for more Americans.

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Most of Americans are members of the middle class. A part of the surplus produced by others (in the form of wages paid to a working American) should be increased or be doubled to enable these members of the middle class to have more financial capability to get health insurance policies.The President’s economic reforms should be supported by the Congress to effectuate social change for the good interest of the American citizenry.Finally, the conflicts in the Middle East are caused not by the clash of ideals but rather governed by the law of capitalist accumulation because of the indirect desire of a certain group or country to control the region’s oil fields. 


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