Girl Interrupted

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Last updated: June 18, 2019

The story takes place in the late 1960’s in McLean psychiatric hospital. The hospital is located in Massachusetts. Do time and place contribute to the conflict? If so, how? No, because whether it was present day or in the 1960’s Susanna would still have the mental disorder and go to the psychiatric hospital.

List Major Characters: 1. At the beginning of the memoir Susanna Kaysen was eighteen years old. First, Susanna was depressed and as a result attempted to commit suicide by taking 50 aspirins.Luckily she was unsuccessful and was soon admitted into a psychiatric. 2.

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Lisa is a sociopath and has the most powerful personality in the hospital. She constantly pulls pranks and escapes from the ward. Since Lisa is always getting in trouble and disrespecting the staff she becomes everyone else’s form of entertainment. At the end of the novel after Lisa is released from the hospital she has a son. 3.

Georgina is Susanna’s roommate and serves as a companion to Susanna.She tries so hard to be as normal as possible although she has a mental illness. During the story Georgina develops a serious relationship with, Wade, a violent patient. What is the major conflict in the story? Susanna is diagnosed with a personality disorder.

She struggles to deal with her mental illness and tries to kill herself. Eventually she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Is it resolved? If so, how? If not, why? Yes, the conflict is resolved after spending time in the hospital and taking edication Susanna begins to improve.

She no longer feels depressed and can control her emotions. Write out one memorable line from the book and a brief explanation of why you chose it. “Freedom was the price of privacy.

” I chose this line because it showed how the patients were stripped of their privacy. The only privacy you could have was in the seclusion room where the nurses weren’t watching you. This quote gave me a sense of how the girls lived.


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