To give or not to give, that is the question.

Beggars and homeless people are everywhere we go: in the streets, in the subways.

Whether we should give our change to the beggars or not is a question that has surely come up in almost everyone’s mind. While there are a few reasons why it is considered to be a generous thing to give money directly to the people in the street, it is becoming a widespread opinion that it is a wrong thing to do. There are many arguments against giving money to beggars. It can be argued that if we keep giving money then beggars just simply will not go away and also our money will probably support their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

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However, there are a few examples when our money can make a difference if giving it directly to the people who need it. All in all, it is a wiser thing to support charities which are dedicated to help people without a job or shelter than to give money to the beggars on the street.Firstly, beggars are on the street because people give money to them, giving our money does not make them stop begging and go home and lead a happy life. In fact, they stay there and continue their act.

Surely if there were no money given to the beggars in the street, they would not be there. Giving money only encourages their behavior. However, those people who are suggesting us to give our change to the beggars often argue that we do not know their situation; we do not know the reason for them becoming beggars or homeless and what they have been through.

People with opposite opinion in this question claim that we have no idea how that extra change in our pocket would affect them.Secondly, the other main reason against giving money directly to beggars is that it is highly possible that they would use it to buy alcohol or drugs or something that is bad for their health. It is known that many beggars and homeless people are alcoholics and drug addicts. Therefore, by giving money to them one just encourages them and feeds their habit, not to mention that it also contributes to the growing drug problem. However, people who give money directly to beggars claim that a person who uses alcohol or drug will find a way to get hold of drugs with or without money, so they would rather let the beggars use their money than to force them to commit a crime. Nevertheless we have to keep in mind that if we give money directly to beggars on the street it might end up contributing to the cost of alcohol or even worse of drugs.

However, it is not enough to not to give money to beggars on the street, since that will not help them to become an appreciated member of the society. There are several possibilities to give help to these people, such as charities, agencies and organizations that deal with the problem of homelessness and begging. They are founded to find the root of the problems that makes a person homeless or a beggar. One way is to donate them money, so they supply food, clothes and shelter for those who need it.

There are charities for employing the homeless or helping them to find a job so they will get off the street, do something with their lives and become productive members of society. The other way is to donate your time either by volunteering at these organizations or by collecting unused clothes.As a conclusion, although we should never give money directly to beggars on the street, but we surely should find a charity close to our neighborhood and devote our time and love for ones that are truly needs our caring. There are several charities which are specialized to help homeless people and beggars to find the root of their problem and to offer them solutions for their situation.

But if we are not able to work for or support these charities the least we can do is to speak to a beggar now and then who stops us at the corner of the street and try to convince to accept the help of the charities.



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