Global Resourcing Challenges

Discuss the key global resourcing challenges facing organisations today? B. Suggest what organisations should include within their people resourcing strategies to best meet such challenges. Part A: 1. We can begin the discussion by explaining the concept of human resource which consists of functions like selection, recruitment, training, development of the organisation, safety, motivation of employees, performance management, reward and compensation etc.

2. The most prominent feature of modern world is globalization and it is most commonly said that with globalization ties between two countries become stronger.Due to globalization different countries with different cultural values, norms, organisational structure, labour market comes in collaboration with one another. 3. An international manager is appointed who has a global orientation and operates without any particular culture and have effective cross-cultural communication. If a wrong person is selected for an expatriate position it can give away a lot of negativity to the new venture like friction in the relationships with the parent company, reduction in profit margin and even to the extent of giving a bad reputation to the company.

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It is necessary for the manager to select the right person for the job with specific abilities and competencies. 4. But with globalization becoming so prominent a lot of business organisations are facing many a challenges as far as resourcing is concerned. One of the major resourcing challenges faced by the companies is Outsourcing. By outsourcing the companies try to fit in the best talent available in the world market into their organisational structure.

Outsourcing is considered to be cost-effective as the organisation outsources those aspects which can be best handled by other companies who are specialized in that field. Hiring labour is also another dimension. Many economically richer countries can utilize labour power from some financially backward countries as that would save them money. But before the organisation decides on outsourcing they need to understand the culture, employment rules, labour market of that particular country failing which the business cannot prosper. . Talent management can be another challenge faced by organisations today.

It is important for organisations to ensure that right kind of people are chosen for the right job and it should also be in accordance with the needs, culture, financial condition and demand of the organisation concerned. 6. Increasing capability of the employees can be considered to be another challenge. The purpose of increasing capability in the employees it to strengthen their views in the company’s business plan. British Petroleum for eg.Has designed certain pilot projects based on critical local business issues relating to recruitment, deployment and development. This embraces the setting of realistic goals and processes to deliver more focused and forward looking HR strategies. Setting the right parameters and assumptions, sourcing the right information, and working with a range of scenarios and sensitivities, are all part of the challenges for the team.

It is agreed that rigid templates, spurious accuracy and unworkable detail need to be avoided. Part B:In order to meet the challenges regarding outsourcing the parent company should exercise the central power and before outsourcing they should have a proper study of the culture of that country and also the knowledge and skills of the people there and whether they suit their requirements or not. This indicates selecting right people for the right job which would ensure profit for the organisation. Talent management can be dealt by setting up a standard for all employees, assessing the employees regularly, investing in improving their talent and by following up their improvement and whether they meet the organisation’s criteria.By increasing the capability of the employees the organisation will let all the employees involved in it from all over the world to be actively involved in the business plan of the organisation irrespective of culture and location and it would help in focussing on some real problems existing in the organisation. The organisation should provide training to the employees as and when required so as to help them overcome any difficulty.They should also provide them with enough incentive and encouragement so that the number of turnovers can be reduced which would ensure more productive work power and profit.

Each of the challenges should be given proper attention. The organisation while resourcing people should consider the relationship of the MNC with the local and other global countries cultures, global and local interests within the company, the needs of the employee and people concerning them as part of their strategy. They should be flexible in their approach but at the same time should exercise considerable power.



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