Globalization: Chinese Culture

Some people argue that globalization has made some cultures perish. Do you think globalization will have the same effect on Chinese culture? Does globalization have a positive or negative effect on Chinese culture? Why? Generally speaking, what are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization? |The development of globalization has changed the whole world in every aspect. Not only does it |?????????????????????????????? | |effect the economy and politics, but the culture of different countries. During the process, |?? ,??????????????? ,??????????? |oriental culture has radiated new vitality and displayed extremely bright prospect.

After the |,????????????????????? ,??????? | |long cultural division and reunion, Oriental cultural re-found its position. The prospective |??????????????????????? ,?????? | |Oriental culture will give full play to its merit that emphasizes the spiritual culture, and |,?????????? ,?????????????????? | |will continuously enrich and improve itself and thus finally to achieve its position in future | | |world culture. | ||Some experts say that globalization has brought about a multi-cultural world, and because of the|,???????????????????????? ,???? | |superiority of the Occident race, the dominant culture may be led by western countries and gives|??????? ,????????????? ,???????? | |a huge attack to other cultures.

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At that time, the human beings will enter a period of |?????????????????? ,??????????? | |stagnation . Then the globalization may not eliminate the conflicts between nations and |,???????????????????? ????? ,?? | |nationalities. In some cases, it may intensify the condition.

So protecting oriental culture is |????? ,??????????? ,???? ,??????? | |very urgent. And as the representative of oriental culture, we are lucky that some of China’s |????????????????? | |ancient culture, especially the thoughts are well remained, and now swings the world with |??? ,?????? ,??? ,??????????????? | |Confucianism which can make the whole world more harmonious. |????????????????? 17? 18?? ,??????? | |In the past, Greece had Socrates and Plato while China had Confucius and Laozi.Their thoughts |???????????? ,????????????????? | |have become the main spiritual treasure in the history of human beings.

In the 17th and 18th |?????? ,????? ,????????????????? | |century, western countries had absorbed the Indian and Chinese culture, at the same time, |?????? ,???? ,?????????????????? | |Chinese culture had developed and up-dated rapidly with the effect of the foreign culture. For |??????????? :“????????????? ,??? | |example, we all know that the main philosophy in the East is the Confucianism. Confucius’s |???? ”??????????? ,????????????? |theory considers the characters cultivate and calls for people to show their humanness. |?????????? ,????????? ,????????? | |Confucius’s remarks are well-known in the world. He said” therefore you unbar on the journey on |??? ,????????????????????? ,???? | |revenge, dig two graves”. These remarks make a point of warning people that everyone should know|???? ,????? ,? “????? ,??????????? | |how to build up a good relationship with others. Moreover, based on the careful observation, the|,?????? ,??????????? ”????????? , | |experts of China come into a conclusion that there are three types of Confucianism.

The first |? ,???????????????? ,????????.. | |one is exclusive reverence of Confucianism, then is the complementation of Confucianism and | | |Taoism, such as the idea of “in obscurity, scholars would maintain their own integrity; in times|????????????????????? ,???????? | |of success, they would make the whole empire perfect “. The third one is to combine |????? ,???????????????????????? | |Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism into one. Most of them have widely accepted and learned by |??????????? ?????????????????? | |different nations.. |????? ,???????????????????? ,??? | | |??????????????? ,?????? ,??????? | |Another important philosophy is Taoism .

It reflects the people’s way of life that embodies their|???? ,???????? ,???? ,?????????? ,| |yearning to be in harmony with nature and try to get the inner peace gradually. The theory of |?????????? ,????????????????? — | |Taoism can adjust the relationship between nature and human. On the other hand, it offers a good|????????????????? ,???????????? |method to release the contradiction between human and environment, even among different ethnic |??????? ,???????????? | |groups. That is why Chinese culture still takes a great place in the world.There is no need |?? ,??????????? ,??????????????? | |denying that Confucius belongs to China, and also belongs to the world. In the eastern world, |??? ,????????? ,??????????????? ,| |there are some other cultures, such as Hinduism, which is the oldest surviving religion, which |?????????????????????????????? | |contributed the concept of Dharma and served as the origin of the Dharma religions, and Islam |?????????????? ??????????????? | |—the majority of the world Muslim population have always lived in Asia, due to the influence |???????????????????????????? ,? | |of the Islamic civilization.

The world is notably characterized by diversity because of their |?????????????????????????????? | |existence. |?? ,?????????????????? ,???????? | |Actually, China and the east world have lost and gained many things from globalization. When |??????????????????????? ,?????? | |lots of people consider the globalization as Americanization, China is influenced by the |???????????????????????????? | |tendency.When we walk in the street, we can find KFC or McDonald. They caused a notable impact | | |on the conventional food industries . Most people appreciate the products which are made by |??????????????????????????? ,?? | |Korea, Japan, or USA.

The result is the domestic capital has out flown into other countries . Not|????????????????????????????? ,| |only do the western products influent our life, but also their values. This is an obvious |????????? ,?????????????? ,????? | |difference. Individualism and Collectivism are central to all the cultural values.China belongs|?????????????????? ,??????????? | |to the collectivist culture while the United States belongs to the individualist culture. But |??? ,??????????????????????? | |what we have to consider is not try to eliminate these distinctions, but to find a way to | | |combine them. And there is a typical example to prove my view. |?????????????????????????????? | | |????????? ,????? “?????????????? | |China has nearly several thousand years’ history in architecture and wood construction is the |??? ”????? ,?????? ,????????????? |main form in building.

But nowadays, timberwork builds bright still humanness to see. Why? |??????? ,???? ,?? ,???????????? (? | |Because this ancient architecture culture has be greatly replaces by steel structure which |?? )??????????????????????????? | |derived from western culture. We can not deny that the Reinforced Concrete ;Brick Structure |???????? ,????????????????????? | |offer much convenience to our life, but when we learn from the more advanced culture, should we |??????????????????? | |pursue it at the expense of our own precious traditional culture? | | |?? ,???? ,????????????????? ,???? | |But the western architectural style which is brought by globalization really have a good effect |??????????????????????? ,?????? | |on our traditional architectural style.

I have read a passage which analyzes “how does an |?? ,??????? ,???????????? | |architect build adjacent to a world heritage site”. Too often, the answer lies in overstatement,| | |though not for I. M. Pei.Modesty of scale and materials, born of sparseness, prescribed limit, | | |and simplicity, mark the Suzhou Museum. The person (Ieoh Ming Pei) I mentioned above is a famous| | |American Chinese architect.

As the last master of modernism architectural style, he designed the| | |Suzhou Museum which connects the western and eastern style very well. You can feel the harmony | | |in his building art. | | | | |So, Chinese culture, even Oriented Culture just belongs to one of the Multicultural, and we | | |should give it a proper status. We have to exclude the old and wrong part, and absorb the | | |advanced factors, then our culture can adapt to the globalization better and better. | | | | | | | |Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization |Some Disadvantages | |Some Advantages | | |Increased free trade between nations |Increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from | |Increased liquidity of capital allowing investors in developed nations to invest in developing |developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the| |nations |cheapest labor | |Corporations have greater flexibility to operate across borders |Increased likelihood of economic disruptions in one nation | |Global mass media ties the world together |effecting all nations | |Increased flow of communications allows vital information to be shared between individuals and |Corporate influence of nation-states far exceeds that of | |corporations around the world |civil society organizations and average individuals | |Greater ease and speed of transportation for goods and people |Threat that control of world media by a handful of | |Reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect |corporations will limit cultural expression | |Spread of democratic ideals to developed nations |Greater chance of reactions for globalization being violent | |Greater nterdependence of nation-states |in an attempt to preserve cultural heritage | |Reduction of likelihood of war between developed nations |Greater risk of diseases being transported unintentionally | |Increases in environmental protection in developed nations |between nations | | |Spread of a materialistic lifestyle and attitude that sees | | |consumption as the path to prosperity | | |International bodies like the World Trade Organization | | |infringe on national and individual sovereignty | | |Increase in the chances of civil war within developing | | |countries and open war between developing countries as they | | |vie for resources | | |Decreases in environmental integrity as polluting | | |corporations take advantage of weak regulatory rules in | | |developing countries | | | | Do you think the benefits brought about by economical globalization are equally distributed among countries? While the world as a whole has benefited from globalization, there are negative and marginalizing aspects of globalization. These are what have led to a backlash, as reflected to a certain extent in the demonstrations by civil society accompanying recent international conferences, and by increasing expressions of dissatisfaction at the governmental level.

1. Unbalanced Distribution of Benefits: Between Countries.The first negative aspect of globalization is that its gains are not equally distributed, both between and within countries. Examples of the badly skewed distribution among countries of the benefits of globalization can be gleaned from the following data from the period1980 to 1997: While world per capita income increased, per capita income contracted in fifty nine countries, widening income disparities. Exports of goods and services grew at less than 5% annually in 46 countries, and at less than 1% a year in 9 countries. Within Countries. The benefits of globalization are also badly skewed within countries, both developing and developed. Income inequality is rising in many countries, particularly in the OECD countries.

Worse, job and income insecurity is increasing, particularly for unskilled labor, although corporate restructuring has also meant job insecurity for professionals. Within developing countries, the increased world agricultural prices expected to result from the Uruguay Round should benefit those in agriculture. The urban poor will suffer when food prices rise, but will gain from employment in new export industries.

Young women hired by multinationals are likely to benefit most – their incomes increase, with a concomitant increase in their household status. Consumers also gain from the reduction in local prices due to increased competition from abroad.



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