Good Education

GooHaving a good education is very vital in today’s world and has always been.

There are numerous amounts of reasons and benefits. Education basically decides the outcome of your life. It decides the outcome of your life because how educated you are controls the decision making in your life. Being well educated helps you pick a good career. You make good health decision with a good education. Not only does a good education help you make good long term decision but also short term everyday decision making.Fredrick Douglass wrote in his narrative “I wish to learn how to write, as I might occasion to write my own pass” (Dancing With Tigers 25).

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Having a good education is like writing your own pass to a successful and happy life. Education doesn’t start when first start pre-school, daycare, or elementary school. It starts at the very beginning of your life. You learn what is right and wrong as an infant. You learn what is good to put in your mouth and what is not. So your first educators are your parents or whomever you are raised by.

So whomever raises you could determine how you will start life.The way you speak and talk all depends on who you are around. So some people may get educated better early in their life just because of where they are from or where they live. Being well educated early in life has its advantages because it helps you communicate well with others at an early age. Also you can get into higher level schools where you can learn at a faster pace. If school is easy to you at an early age then it is most likely to continue as you go from grade to grade.

As you get older education becomes more important and also has a lot more benefits too.It is more important because getting older means you have more responsibilities and more difficult decision to make. Also getting older means your body grows so you have to learn to take extra care for your body and stay in good health. With a good education you can make the transition in life easy. You will know who to be around and who not to be around.

Who to ask for help when needed. You also begin to become more independent in life meaning your parents will not always be at your side every minute. Being well educated you can a lot more things on your own.Things such as going out on your own with parental supervision, buying your own things, cooking for yourself, and many other things. As you get older get to apply for part-time and summer jobs as you are in high school. So with little to none work experience most jobs may just look at how well educated you are in interviews or, when you fill out applications.

Learning how to drive comes into factor when you get older as well. So learning how to drive is a major benefit in life. It really helps you become more independent and allows you to do more on your own.Also being well educated on how to drive can keep you from getting into car accidents and, fixing minor car problems while on the road.

The real major benefits of a good education come after you finish high school or become a young adult. After finishing high school you have a lot of big decision to make. You make the decision whether you want to further you education by going to college or go straight into the work field. Your education level determines what type of college you can go to and/or what type of job you can get.If you are well educated you will have more options of college choices and job positions. With good grades in high school and great test scores you can earn yourself a scholarship for school and maybe even go to school for free.

Going to school for free is a great benefit. Going to college to further your education is good because it can open up a lot of career opportunities and job opportunities. It is good to have a education because in most colleges you have to good grades just to participate in extra-curricular activities.For example if you wanted to play a sport at your school you not only would have to be talented at the sport but you would have to maintain a certain G.

P. A. (Grade Point Average). Having a college education leads to many career opportunities. Depending on how well you did in college will decide on what type of job you have and the position you get at the job. During very well in college and becoming very educated can lead to higher job position.

That is a good benefit because the higher your job position is the higher you salary or pay is.A great paying job can lead to more things such as buying a nice house and living in a great neighbor. With a good salary it will be much easier to support a family. Also a good salary can help you pay off any college loans you may have. Having a good job also means you can afford health insurance which will come in hand if you happen to get hurt or when you need to go to the doctors for daily check-ups. Being well educated is not only good for just yourself but for others as well. Being well educated means you have the ability to help people when help is needed.

Well educated people like doctors and lawyers help people out all the time. Without them there would be many problems in today’s world. Without well educated people we wouldn’t have teachers or scientists and, nothing new would ever be learned or invented. So that is why people always encourage other people to get an education. There are tons of benefits of having a good education.

It makes life easier to get through.Works Cited Connelly, Mark, Joseph Trimmer and Fredrick Douglass. Dancing With the Tigers. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning, 2008. Print.

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