Good Writers are Formed; Not Born nor Made

There is no such thing as “a person who was born with a golden pen on his mouth”.

Good writers are not born nor made, they are formed. Most writers, journalists, and editors today become professional writers because of extensive reading and practicing. There is no such a born writer. There are only people who are born to naturally love writing and to inherit the skill of being skillful at writing.

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Writing skill requires at least a basic level of education in the English language or whichever language may be applicable on the case of the writer. No writer ever came out of the womb and picked up a pen to write a masterpiece. The writer needs time to learn how to write. This type of education is something which requires time and development. Thus, it can be said that the writing skills of a writer is artificially created and refined. It is not indeed an ability or a talent with which the writer is born.

Writing skill is learned. Good writers are formed by education as well as constant practice and meaningful experience.Likewise, good writers are not instantly made. Writers become good at writing because of hard work and constant practice. To become an excellent writer, the individual needs more determination, attitude and persistence. An individual should work hard at his or her writing just like an athlete who would work hard with his or her training.John Locke’s (1632-1704) theory on tabula raza would justify that good writers are not really born but they are formed. This epistemological thesis which means “blank slate” states that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception[1].

This means that people are born with a blank mind and it is only filled when they encounter experience and perception. Hence, this proves that there is no such a person who is a born or made writer. Since people are born with a blank-slate-like-mind, there is indeed no born writer. A writer becomes a good writer because of proper training and experience.No one is a born writerSome claim that writing is a talent. A person is either born with this talent or without. Nevertheless, for many, writers are not just like musicians who are generally born with natural talent on music. It is true that many writers have a talent, but for many cases, writing is a learned skill.

It often takes time and constant practice to hone the said skill.The most successful and known writers in the world were not born with the golden pen on their mouth. Most of them became masters of all time in terms of writing because of constant practice and dedication.Take for instance the life of Ernest Miller Hemingway as a writer who was molded by the constant practice and dedication into a great writer. Hemingway is an American writer and journalist who successfully crafted seven novels, six collections of short stories and two works of non-fiction published, with a further three novels, four collections of short stories, and three non-fiction autobiographical works published. Amidst his success in the literary genre, Hemingway also started from zero in his writing career. In fact, he once said “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit, I try to put the shit in the wastebasket[2].  This means that Hemingway, one of the great writers today whose compositions became masterpieces of all times, was not born a writer.

He also started from scratch. He also underwent training and practice to become an acclaimed writer.  He also once struggled for the topic he will write and for the style that he is going to conform to. This only proves that no one is really a born writer.  Everything is done through constant practice and experience. This Nobel Prize in Literature winner during 1954 do also train get trained and learned from his experiences.Fiction and Non-fiction book writers: Born, Made or Formed?The mechanic or a cop can describe in details what happened on his job.

He can also write a report about car accidents and the like. At first, looking merely at this situation, one can easily argue that writing is really a born talent of the human beings. Nevertheless, even this simple task of writing can testify that writers are really formed and not born nor instantly made.First, a mechanic or a cop learns how to write because of his education while he is at school. A cop will never become a cop without the proper education.

He eventually knows how to write because he learned it from the school. Likewise, the kind or way of writing of a cop when making an accident report is not just like the writing that a writer does when making a story or a novel. The kind of writing that the cop is doing needs no talent since writing is one of the basic skills of the human beings[3].  When the cop is doing the writing, he is just using the basic skill of the humans in the language aspect.

Nevertheless, book writers do need talent when writing. And this talent is a product of constant practice and meaningful experience.Some writers maybe considered to be born; but good writers are really formedIt can be also considered that some writers are born but good writers are indeed formed. There is indeed a significant difference between the two concepts.

Not all born with the gift of words become good writers. A good writer is one who has listened, practiced and learned. Good writers have perfectly embraced grammar and punctuation and sentence structure. Good writers have the ability to put words together for a purpose and give them meaning.

Though some are considered to be born as writer, they do also need training and practice in order for them to become a good writer. This means that writers are indeed formed and not just only born or made.  To be able become a good writer means putting a lot of effort to dedication, willingness to accept criticism, open-mindedness and a willingness to adapt to changes. Just like the other forms of art, being critical of oneself is the only way to create better work or composition[4].In total, those who are considered to be born writers are not actually born writers. They became good writers because of their training and experiences. So it is not proper to say that writers are born because they are indeed formed through the process of practice, training and experience.Forming a good writer through constant practiceWriting is an acquired skill or behavior through experience and practice[5].

This means that anyone can be an excellent writer if and only if he or she will be dedicated to practice and learn. To be able to realize that, the skill that an individual should first learn is reading. One cannot be a good writer if he or she is not a good reader[6]. It is a good thing to make reading as a habit so that an individual will learn many things which can be used to writing. It is through reading that a writer can get ideas, opinions, styles and the like which are very useful in the writing process.

Another thing which is essential to become a good writer is the constant habit of writing. Through writing even a short composition everyday, an individual will harness his or her writing prowess[7].  The more the individual will do it, the more he or she will get at it. Eventhough the articles are not published, the important thing here is that the individual is improving and developing his or her writing skills. And through this, there would be chance that his or her writings in the future will be considered as a masterpiece. It is important to remember that a good writer is not instantly made. It is a fruit of sacrifice and labor.Moreover, although a professional and formal training is not a requirement to become an excellent writer, a writing course would help to be able to become a good writer because it will teach an individual how to cope up with procrastination, anxiety, false start and lack of inspiration.

Through a writing course, an individual will not only learn how to improve writing skills but also to adapt his or her writing to a variety of different purposes and audience. Taking a writing course helps the writer to become more confidently, clearly, and persuasively.       Through the training, a person may learn the essence and importance of style in the process of writing. Style is a crucial ingredient in everything the people say or do. In writing, it refers to the way sentences are structured, the choice of words, and the use of proper punctuations[8].

It is really important to a writer to know the mechanics and forms of the language that he or she is writing to. The proper knowledge on the principles of composition, grammar, misused words and the like is indeed helpful to make the writings of a writer powerful and free from grammatical errors. When the composition of a writer is smooth-flowing, error free and easy to read, the readers would love to read the composition and this will make the writer worthy to be considered as a good writer.To make the composition better, in addition, a person who wants to become a good writer should build powerful vocabulary skills by hooking himself to dictionary and other vocabulary power building materials[9].

This would help him or her to have a good facility of the language as well as good sense of choosing the right words for the composition. Nevertheless, having a good sense of vocabulary does not mean that a writer should use difficult and highfaluting words. It is very important to take note that a writer should write not to impress but to express[10].

 Clear, concrete and simple words are essential to make a clears and understandable composition. It is important that the readers do understand the composition. This gives justice to the idea that the writers are writing for the audience and not for themselves.Furthermore, it should be remembered that good writing is rooted from a good research. It is easier to come up with a well-written composition or manuscript when the writer has a wealth of information in his or her fingertips[11]. Knowing how to use the Internet can make one person as a good researcher. Being a good researcher can make one person as a good writer.

Hence, to be able to become an excellent writer, an individual should not only rely on his or her creativity and wild imagination. The writer should have the creativity coupled with scholarly researches. Even if the writer is writing a fiction story, there should be a careful research so that the composition will become meaningful and believable.Knowing the writing styles, doing a research, training through a writing course and building powerful vocabulary are not enough to become a good writer.

Letting others to critique one’s work would be very helpful to come up with a well-written paper with less grammatical and spelling errors[12].  It is through the peer reviewing and editing, the composition of a writer becomes a masterpiece. Being a veteran or a seasoned writer does not mean that he or she would not commit mistakes in writing. Everyone has the chance to commit mistakes even if the greatest writers. So it is important that there should be editing to make the composition better.

And through the comments of other people, the writer would identify his or her mistakes in writing. That would be a good opportunity for him or her to improve and enhance his or her writing prowess.ConclusionWriters are indeed formed and not born nor instantly made. Since the writer becomes a good one through practice and experience, it is truly proper to say that writers are formed rather than born or instantly made. Likewise, from the very moment that a person comes out of the womb of his or her mother, he or she is considered to have a blank-slate-like-mind which will be filled through experiences and trainings.

The writer will eventually learn, on the course of discovering things in the world, how to become good through constant reading, practicing and writing. Hence, it is really proven that good writers are formed and not born or instantly made. 


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