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Last updated: February 5, 2019

Details pane – displays information about the drive, folder, or file selected in the Content pane.

B. Operating System – a set of instruction that coordinates the activities of your computer. C. Snipping Tool – A program that captures a screen or part of a screen… D. Windows Aero – The Windows 7 user interface that features a three-dimensional look, with transparent window frames, live previews of open windows, and multiple color schemes. E. Graphical User Interface (GUI) – a computer interface that shows documents as they will look in their final form and uses icons to represent programs.

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F.Paint – a simple drawing program included with Window 7 G. Taskbar – displays the Start button and the name of any open documents; it may also display shortcut buttons for other programs. H. All programs – command at the bottom of the Start menu that takes you to other programs on your computer. I. Minimize – to remove the window from the screen without closing it J.

Maximize – to increase the size of a window to fill the screen K. Vertical Scroll Bar – the bar at the right side of a window that enables you to move up and down to view information that extends beyond the top and bottom of the screen. L.Horizontal Scroll Bar – the bar the bottom of a window that enables you to move left and right to view information that extends beyond the left and tight edges of the screen. M. Drag – move the mouse pointer while holding down the primary mouse button (usually left) and t hen release at the appropriate time. N. File folder – work that you save and store on a drive, such as a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

O. Windows explorer – a program that enables you to create and manage folders, and copy, move, sort, and delete files. 1. When you create a search folder, it displays in the Navigation pane under this category – FAVORITE 2.When you create a new folder, the folder name displays – IN EDIT MODE 3. Custom tags such as a title, rating, file name, and file size that are added to files are called – METADATA 4.

The area on the right side of the taskbar that keeps you informed about processes that are occurring in the background, such as antivirus software, network connections, and other utility programs is the – NOTIFICATION AREA 5. A dynamic program – such as a clock, stock market ticker, or a weather window – that displays on the desktop is a – GADGET 6.You can use the SNIPPING TOOL to capture a screen shot of the entire screen or of any object on your screen. 7. The working area of the Windows 7 screen – consisting of program icons, a taskbar, a Start button, and gadgets is the – DESKTOP 8.

The arrow, I-beam, or other symbol that shows the location or position of the mouse on your screen is the mouse – POINTER 9. In the Windows Explorer winder, this pane displays Favorites, Libraries, and access to personal files and folders and the other information – NAVIGATION


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