Gun Violence

Today in our society we have a massive problem with gun violence. Many people are abusing their right to own guns by doing was is called a shooting. A shooting is a kill spree of mostlky public areas. This happens because of people wioth a mental background not being check for illnesses and abeing allowed to purchase firearms. This is not always the case, for there are problems with bullies in our society. Bullies are a big party of this society in its day of age.

Bullying has all forms. When this happens people think that the correct way to fix the problem of gun violence is to ban all firearms from being used by civilians. There aree many reasons why gun violence is bad in this day but one major problem is the violence in public city schools.

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Public schools are one of the biggest forms of problems with children in this day. The government does not realize that the violence shown on television is one of the main causes for children to be brain washed and is is one of the reasons for violence in the schools.One theory in sociology that deals with this problem is structural functionalism theory. structural functionalism is a theory that is believed that society is like parts in a machine that work together to maintain progress and stability.

This being said the society is becoming more and more unstable by new threaths and constant forms of panic. People in society believe that the government system is corrupt and we are slowly being brought down lower and lower each day in society. Structural functionalism plays a big part in everyday life. Peolle do ot realize this but in someway your are helping another person.From donating to giving someone and idea to further their interests sociologist see this as framework. We build off one another in our lives. With gun violence a person comes is given an idea based upon something they have learned, seen, been told, and gives that idea to another and it becomes a huge network of thoughts and ideas.

This becomes a stable thought and is vastly spread amongst others who think that it is a good stable idea. So as I said before above, say someone thought of an idea to make a movie or show about killing young school kids until you recieve whatever that person had sent out to achieve.Another person may watch that and thinkm “ that’s not a bad idea” then set off to follow something they had merely learned from a tv show or movie. This is the problem in society. There are many problems with broadcasts of shows movies or even commercials that show violence and a way to use it in society. For example the man who had watched a movie called the dark knight who had a foe that was a serial killer and said he was inspired by that man which he decided to carry out his work in real life. This man had walked into the premier of the next instalment of said movie with a gun and killed multiple people.

One term that falls under the theory is downward mobility. This is when I society starts to move in a downward pace due to certain problems in said society. Gun violence is a hhuge part of that.

Gun violence has taken a tragic effect on people. They live in fear not knowing when the next day could be there last that is in lower classes of the society. This effects society in more ways than one. The next term is class system. This is where your income determines what class you in. you would think that guns are expensive which they are but no matter the class of a deeraanged civilian they are still managing to get guns.

This is a problem also for the government officials who are for banning firearms in the us. No matter if you ban guns that will give a bigger profit for smugglers. Although its not like they haven’t been already doing that. There is no way to stop gun from being in the possession of people who will take the risk owning one.

The next theory is symbolic interaction theory. This is a social theory that focuses on the analysis of the patterns of communication, interpretation and adjustment between individuals. This is a part that happens in the societ every second of every minute of every hour and so on.Communication is received in so many ways in this society.

With communication comes ideas and logic and other forms of understanding the ways of the communication process. With this theory and the interpretation of the communication amongst people there are many ways to misinterpret them. The government and the pople is a huge social conflict.

The people want one thing for society while the government is writing bills to do the exact opposite. This creates a letdown for the people. Then the people start to fester ideas and state that the government is corrupted.Cults are vastly spread out on several different topics. One is in fact the corruption of the government. Cults are localized groups who have one central idea and maintain meeting about how to deal with said topic. This is all over the world.

Peole have ties in cults that have to do with some actions against shootings. They have narrowed down searches for cults in the united states dealing with shootings. Faith is said to have people with high hopes in a commmunuty. Faith is a term used for people who believe in a winninng scenario in certain circumstances. Many people believe in this.Faith is to give better people a mind of clarity and to help them with their day. With gun violence faith is disrubuted every day.

People go to work, they go to school, they go to public places know that that place could be the last place they go. Everyday of living in this society is a leap of faith in to the arms of people who surround you. The final theory is the social conflict theory.

This theory is the idea of the wealth vs. the poor. In many casesthis theory is correct in most societies. The people that are wealthier have more power than a person who can barely put dinner on the table so to speak.The wealthy people of the united states could make schools and other widely accessed places more safe for everyone. They would much rather ban the guns that wont stop gun violence.

Parents have thought about relocating their children to school that are private more than public schools. Public schools are for your everyday person who is the son or daughter of an average person or someone who wants to be average. Public schools or for the people who know they have money and want to parade it around. Peolle need the support of each other to help overcome the crisis at hand.The wealthy are people who don’t care about others as long as they have theirselves covered if anything goes wrong.

On the other hand when a lower class person has another person with a problem they work together to come up with a solution. This is a great problem in our society today. When people are segregated into groups depending on their income it is easier to target the people with no intercom system in a schhol or a movie theatre ona bad street. A term that is used many times over is inequality which is when something isn’t equally distributed.Inequality is like when a man who is working a job gets paid 40 bucks a day but the other man who does the same job and the same amount of time only gets 30 bucks an hour.

This is where the problem is the most in our government. Say the joker murderer got back to back sentences for ech person he murdered, now that’s aking a nobody and sentencing him. If Lindsay lohan did the exact same thing she would have probably received 3 years in prison and 30 days rehabilitation. The inequality is a big problem in the united states therefore all rights should be distributed eaqually like intended by the forefathers.

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