A Half Empty Glass

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Last updated: June 23, 2019

The outlook of each person is different, and our attitude and solution of the same event are also different.

When something bad happens, some tend to see the event as a single event which does not affect their lives. On the other hand, the others feel that an event is just one of string of bad events affecting their lives. When you are looking at a glass that is filled exactly halfway with liquid, is the glass half full or half empty to you? People who see an event which is much worse than it is and say it is half empty glass are called pessimists.They do not brave to overcome troubles in their live; in contrast, they usually live in fear that bad things will come to them. In simple terms, pessimists have the negative outlook, hopelessness and are cowardly. Pessimists have negative attitudes and expecting the worst of people and situations.

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Pessimists hold this outlook regardless of facts and events which might indicate a more balanced or positive reality. For example, my friend, Trinh is a pessimist. When she got a low grade on a test, she said: “I failed again. I never do well on tests.I am stupid. I should just quit trying”. And when something does go well for Trinh, she often attributes her success to luck. Further, she has negative thoughts that she was just lucky that time and she does not expect to do well again.

Pessimists always see themselves as failures and look at the dark or the back side of events. Hopelessness is another characteristic of pessimists. They do not enjoy life and get depressed when they think about the future. They try nothing new or challenging and never take any risks because they feel that they will fail.

They lack the belief that everything could change and have a similar premonition that they would never succeed in anything they tried. An example of this is someone who is fired or bankrupt or disappointed in love. They lose their hope in life and become pessimists. They think that they will never succeed again or never get new jobs or never have the true love. They do not see a positive outcome in the future. Besides having a negative attitude and hopelessness, pessimists are cowardly people who shrink in their disgraceful fear, disappointment and sadness.They will not do anything that has a little of danger, pain or difficulty because they scare those bad things will come with them.

When they get into troubles in the life, they afraid to face them and become cowards. For example, people who have AIDS may become pessimists. From talkative people, they become be timid and keep away from everyone. They embarrass to tell anyone about their disease. They are afraid to face the death and gossip of others.

They just keep themselves in those fear and do not brave receive their mistake and enjoy the remains of life.Finally, pessimists can be defined by many ways, but to me, pessimists are people who just look at the bad side of facts and ignore that they also have the good side. The glass is not completed empty, it has a half full. The way they see life is the same as the way they see the glass; they just see the worst. I do not agree with their attitude; they should enjoy the life rather than think too much about bad things of life.

Furthermore, pessimism can lead to depression and damage the metal health, so they should change their thought to make their life better.


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