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Halloween 1, scene 1 John Carpenter 1978 Directors name above the film title at the beginning As the first of the Halloween series the film has low values wih amateur like filming. Loud piano and low key strung music with a dark background creates intensity and anxiety, with the names of cast and crew appearing one by one in orange writing with a pumpkin next to the names representing the name of the film and hinting at the theme, dark background are usual for this genre.

Music gradually gets louder faster and makes the feeling even more tense.Also a typically of the genre, the camera is shaky and distanced from the house using far away shots and seemingly being carried by someone creeping towards the house and finally peering through a window at two American teens, one male, one female, kissing and saying the females parents are We are then given the name of the stat and town in white with a black screen and white representing light and goodness with children’s voices singing halloween song in the background to add innocence, help show the theme and anchor the first two out.The first scene also the star victim/target; Jamie lee Curtis, also referencing the murderer Michael. The camera is walked to the front of the house after the teens decide to go upstairs and pointed at the room they went to.

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It is then lowered as he makes his way towards the back garden and creeps through a back door A jumpy, creepy sci-fi sound erupts piercingly to create suspense as if something is about to happen. Piano music tapping and held on one key creates intensity as the person holding the camera then turns the kitchen light on and pulls a knife from the draw which shows that the person is comfortable, calm and calculating.Music speeds up as it is apparent you are now watching behind the murderers (Michael Myers) mask . He approaches the female from downstairs although no she is half naked, and begin to stab her multiple times and the music pounds ferociously as if to emphasise the role it will play in the film. You catch a glimpse of his mask in the mirror as he passes.

His mask is colourless, emotionless. White could represent lack of emotion. Ah wite mask is ironic as white represents innocence and purity, so the colour conflicts with his dark demeanour.Film link http://www.

megavideomovies. net/2009/10/watch-halloween-1978-movie-online. html


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