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Our life indeed is fleeting, comparable to a glimpse in an eternity of human existence.  What used to be, in an instant is not.  A momentary silence, and a generation hands over to the next the transitory phase of adulthood.  What matters most, it may seem, is happiness.  How and in what way have we attained it; and the question of it being ephemeral or unending.

In thirty years’ time, some factors for me are my bases for success, such as the realization into full potentials of my intellect.  Perhaps this can be manifested through my chosen career’s success.  Not necessarily to be measured in monetary figures, but to realize that I had done my best in my chosen field and had a good time doing it.One other is family.  Knowing that I have loved and been loyal to the spouse of my choosing, and that in no other circumstance had I violated the vows we had made.  The children, of course, are important.  Fulfillment comes from the knowledge that I had brought them up to be loving sons and daughters, responsible citizens of the country, and had had them educated in the best institutions that I was capable of sending them to.  Included in the family aspect as well is knowing that I have fond memories of the family I came from, the reminiscing of the childhood moments when my parents were still always around for security; and those laughter shared with my brothers and sisters, wearing younger faces.

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Lastly, and perhaps the most important success of all, is my spiritual contentment.  Being fully aware that my existence is nearing its end, monetary and career achievements would be dwarfed by the realization that I had fought a good fight, to borrow St. Francis’ line, and that the powers above would find no trace of Mortal Sins in my heart.  That the sins I have committed on earth are all because of my weaknesses as a man, and that all of them, as the Good Book had promised, are forgivable.


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