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Kidney Failure Scenario A: Acute renal failure. Ms. Jones, a 68-year-old female, underwent open-heart surgery to replace several blocked vessels in her heart. On her first day postoperatively, it was noted that she had very little urine output.

1. What is happening to Ms. Jones’s kidneys, and why is it causing the observed symptom? Acute renal failure is often associated with individuals post opt and in intensive care units. Acute renal failure causes a stop to the normal functions of the kidney.What is happen to Me Jones’s kidneys is little output of urine is the failure of the kidneys to play their part in the processes of illuminating waste. The excess waste that is unable to be eliminated through the kidneys instead is retained by the body in dangerous levels.

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2. What other symptoms and signs might occur? The symptoms of acute renal failure fail to follow a specified set. Around 70 percent of patients with acute renal failure experience the common symptom of a decrease in the output of urine.The next common symptoms and signs would be those associated with toxicity, dizziness, and the retaining of fluid in the body. 3. What is causing Ms. Jones’s kidney disease? Ms. Jones’s kidney disease was caused due to her open heart surgery and hospital stay causing her tubular cells to die.

Known as acute tubular necrosis, the limit of oxygen or decrease of blood flow causes ischemic acute tubular necrosis (Health Communities, 2010). 4. What are possible treatment options and prognosis? The treatment for Ms. Jones’s symptoms would be to ultimately restore her output of urine.

Treatments available for urine restoration include fluid resuscitation and possible dialysis for the more chronic cases. The prognosis for acute renal failure caused by ischemic acute tubular necrosis is good since the tubular cells renew. Scenario B: Chronic renal failure.

Mr. Hodges, a 73-year-old man, has had congestive heart failure for the past 5 years. His doctor has told him that his heart is not functioning well, needing more and more medicine to maintain circulatory function. He has noticed that he is not urinating more than once a day. 1.

Why is the condition of Mr.Hodges’s kidneys affecting the rest of his body? With chronic renal failure there is a chronic impairment of the functions of the kidneys. This impairment would possibly cause volume retention. With the already present congestive heart failure Mr.

Hodges’s body would be affected by the increased volume load. 2. As his chronic renal failure worsens what other symptoms and signs might occur in his respiratory, digestive, nervous, and urinary systems? The Chronic renal failure may become worse leading to the development of further symptoms involving the increased retention of waste.Aside from decreases in the urine output from the urinary system, Mr. Hodges may experience respiratory symptoms caused by pulmonary edema resulting a shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include liver disease, seizures, or delirium. 3.

What is causing Mr. Hodges’s kidney disease? The presence of congestive heart failure suggests that the chronic renal failure is caused by hypoperfusion. 4. What are possible treatment options and prognosis? There are numerous treatments available for Mr. Hodges’s kidney disease.

Diuretics can be used to decrease the volume load that is a result of the congestive heart failure and chronic renal failure. There are also medications available to aid in the symptoms associated with the chronic renal failure such as anemia. The patient prognosis is low with chronic renal failure since the bigger decreases in kidney functions can eventually lead to death, especially from cardiovascular disease. References Health Communities. (2010). Acute Tubular Necrosis (ATN). Retrieved on May 6, 2010 from http://www.

nephrologychannel. com/atn/index. shtml


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