Heidegger’s argument of dasein and being

Heidegger defined Dasein as the type if being which inquires about the question of being. In his writing, Dasein is pictured as something uncanny, which is the nature of the human kind of being. Dasein is temporal derived from the tripartite ontological structure for example; existence, thrones and falseness. By which Dasein’s being is described. To start with, existence represents the phenomena of the future.

It involves timing of what the being will represent later in the course of time. It is something that is not known can be determined when given time. Next is thrones represent the phenomena of the past as having-been.It requires flashback for somebody to know the being. And lastly we have falseness which represents the phenomena of the present that is the most current and may be the continuous event. These ontological structures provides for the original unity of the future, the past and the present which constitutes authentic temporarily. Dasein also means life or existence according to Germans language, also denoted as the existence of any entity.

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  The study of being is ontology. According to Heidegger falling is the act of escaping. Fear threatens other than Dasein on the other hand anxiety do not put any threat on Dasein.

There is possibility of understanding the concept of beings that is through the isness of beings.CONFUSION OR UNCERTAINTY THAT AROSEHeidegger saw some deficiencies in these representation accounts on what Dasein entails. This confusion came about in comparing how he defined phenomena and phenomology that is; phenomenon is that which shows itself to us and on the other hand phenomena are the totality of what can be brought to light. Again in the distinction between phenomenon and a semblance is also posing a challenge between his definitions according to his understanding over Kantian transcendentalism.Heidegger defines a semblance as that which looks like something but it is not that thing. On the contrary Kantian tradition has taken advantage in the term representation which has a double meaning according to Heidegger.

Kantian argues that the world that is presented is but a mere semblance of a noumenal reality which we can never gain access to and see as itself. He also added that representation has no double meaning it is where something can show itself as something it is not. In his argument he tries to set limits on the possibility of phenomenology as ontology.Heidegger and Husserl also had certain differences. Husserl makes theoretical of consciousness as the core of his doctrine where as Heidegger take it as one of the possible mode of that which is more fundamental and that is Dasein’s being. For Husserl phenomology is not descriptive, detached analysis of consciousness. Contrary to that Heidegger philosophy is phenomenological ontology which is initiated from the analysis of Dasein.

Reference:Soccio D.J. (2006). Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy, 6th ed. London: Wadsworth Publishing. 

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