The world of today is quite diverse in many aspects like culture, morality and political view and these aspects really threaten the unity that should be (289). It is however possible to step up policies that are beneficial to all and are created for the common good of every one. Economic views should encourage growth in trade between countries so that through trade there can be good exchange and network development (301). This is a motivating factor to unity.Technological advancement should be for the common good so that dangerous competitions are prevented (335). Such will provide a good platform that is proof to the making of dangerous weapons. World leaders should also adopt liberal and democratic societies where there members are free to express themselves and their needs addressed (355). This enables checks on political systems that are beneficial to the world as a whole.

Natural resources should be used for the common good of every one. These include water bodies, free air explorations among the rest (364). The whole world should be out to fight any bad and dangerous groups that threaten to cause destruction. These include terrorists (385).World leaders should respect the place of religion in our society and should embrace one another without criticizing another group (351). Another aspect is on language (370).

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All major languages should be used especially in major world forums so that all people may feel accepted in such platforms. It is possible to have peace and stability if only every party will be out to ensure that they drop policies that are not promoting the universal interest of the others (389).

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