Homeless People

Steven Cao Charlene Green English 1302 Do the Homeless Really Deserve it? Everyone in this country has at least seen someone on the street corner begging for money due to the fact that they are homeless, but have you ever really thought about why they are put into the position that they are in? It is a stereotype that all homeless people only collect money to spend it on drugs or alcohol and that is not always the case.

They actually could be doing the complete opposite and try to stable themselves; they just need a little help doing so. There are many reasons why the people who become homeless do not deserve it, no matter the situation.Some reasons why they do not deserve it is because of unfortunate events, an inactive community, and never learning how to survive; especially at a young age. Some homeless people do not deserve to be homeless because they are actually nice but due to unfortunate events, lead them being on the streets.

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For example, the economy may have had a major decline and influenced businesses to lose money, which causes bankruptcy. It is not the business owner’s fault that the economy dropped, but it jeopardizes someone’s life that should not deserve to be homeless.Even though there is no telling what the future holds for an individual, a brutal consequence that leaves a person homeless is uncalled for. When there is a person on the street corner with their cardboard sign asking for money, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Nothing. If others were to at least attempt to try and help, it could make a major difference in that person’s life. A little help from the community will take a step closer for a homeless person to get back on their feet. Our society today is so selfish, only worrying about their own lives, that they do not realize how difficult it is to be homeless.

Do people ever consider helping those that are really in need? It is understandable why someone would not give money to a person on the corner, but there are other solutions to the problem. A person could volunteer at a shelter or help build houses for those who are homeless. There is something that everyone can do to contribute in order to lower the homeless population. People need to realize how effective homelessness is and start doing something about it to make it better.

Even in one of the richest counties of the world, there are about two hundred homeless people and most of the community does not recognize that.Children and young teens are the ones who really do not deserve to be on the streets with no home. The homeless children population is much more than anyone would expect and the community needs to help them the most. Most kids who are abandoned by their parents have no idea how to get money or food, and if they are lucky enough they get put into foster care. The children in foster care don’t experience the right path to life.

Therefore, when these children grow up they do not know how to prepare for a job or survive in the real world.With all the unexpected things that could happen to a person, there should be no circumstances for someone to be left alone on the streets without anywhere to stay. A person should not judge someone else’s lifestyle because they are living lower than they do.

People should stop being stereotypical about homeless people and they should help because the community would have a better environment. Preventing children and young teens can make a big difference in the major job industry by giving them a chance to be well educated. No one deserves to be homeless forever.

Author: Harriet Abbott


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