Homicide Investigations Identifying Best Particles

There is a decline for clearance rate of homicides reported police departments. According to homicide investigations identifying best particles by Timothy G. KEEL, M. S. Now law enforcement is questioning about such issue. Also the law enforcement is questioning about such issue.

The law enforcement is questioning the skill and ability of homicide detectives and homicide units. The author of this article created a questionnaire the reasons that would rationalize the reasons to decline of clearance rate within crimes.The reasons for the study is to find out if selected detectives, case handling, personal rotation, case loads,and investigate tools are in reaction to the decline of clearance rate. However, it has been questioned if it can also be computer case management system, Over time usage, interference of cold case squads,and persecutor row. One of the main important points on this article is the selection of detectives.

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Proven statistic ”Detectives department was 17. 18 years. Further, the average time spent in uniform patrol was 6. 1, an investigative unit,9. 66 years;and homicide unit,6 years. The average age of the detectives was 42. 25 years and their average age of education totaled 14. 81.

In my opinion I believe that the amount of education should be decreased to the purpose of having more hands on experience. Meaning the amount of years in patrolling and homicide unit experience should be doubled the amount of expected years. To have more ability in skills in regards to resolving cases. There are many main points in caseloads.According to the following ”Almost every homicide supervisor would like to have more detectives to effectively investigate each case. Fighting for limited resources and demonstrating the needs for additional detectives are difficult without some accepted standard of what should comprise a detective annual caseload. ” My thoughts on according to the above points is that their needs to be more detectives and more caseloads being solved.

If there are more cases being solved the statistics of number of cases being solved would not be so low. Some of the prosecutors roles can be tough and challenging.As they work with homicide detectives they have different techniques in accomplishing their goals and making sure their responsibilities are completed. Many don’t arrive at the seen when called an average of 60 percent don’t and average of 9. 2 percent do immediately.

In the work field it is proven that prosecutors and homicide detectives work well together when assisting in court testimony. A great point of view would be that one common agreement that they have is the reason for having homicide clearance rates was the lack of public witnesses,personnel shortage and legal prosecutors.The individual survey states that’s all detectives, commanders, crime lab personnel and prosecutors know that it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish the same task and goal. Their job is very important and if you are not dedicated or don’t like the job you are not in it 100 percent. Team work is a must and that’s what makes the job easier working to together to succeed in what they do. Concluding the summary of this article there is no assurance that there will be a higher clearance rate for homicide units.

All there is to do is to work harder and improve within the homicide agencies. There are many strengths,qualities,weaknesses and value in evaluating in terms of the article Homicide Investigation identifying Best Particles. It focuses on the clearance rates homicide units and how investigators work with others to do their job in their best ability. The strengths of the article would have to be when investigators and prosecutors work as a team to achieve one common goal. Its a form of direction and perseverance that the unit goes by.That is a strength which comes from hard work and determination.

In the article you can see that there are good points. I identified the strongest point when it talks about detectives working together to achieve. Also, in my opinion they also do it to improve solving cases and to improve professionally at work. They have great benefits and that an excellent factor when dealing with the kind of work that has to be done. They benefit by working together sharing information to solve the case. The Quality time detectives work is counted every second.Now you see there are always on the clock. Every minute counts and there common goal is to solve a case and go to the next.

They all want the best for everybody so there wont be questions, wondering, or trying to figure out who committed the crime. Quality is a great factor because the motivation and purpose put into the work and study has to be rewarded. In addition,There is a lot of quality work from detectives and prosecutors to improve and reach success I believe they should cut down on years of education because it takes from experiencing out in the real world itself.Doing and just seeing for yourself and working I believe it ends up being more knowledgeable in knowing and acting upon the crime scene and solving the cases. There is a lot of value in the way they are experienced and the way they take risks in dealing with a case of violence.

A valuable asset that detectives have are skills and knowledge the ability to solicit and analyze information by suspects. Its not easy to do what detectives do but it gets done to the best of there ability. When it comes to the term of weaknesses homicide units need to work harder in having a higher Clarence rate unit.They need to higher more detectives so they can have more people in solving the cases. More workers the quicker and better chance they have in knowing who committed the crime and what happened at the scene.

Police detectives have many responsibilities and they take ownership to their cases and sometimes its a weakness to therm when they have to share a case with workers outside of their department. To conclude There are many strengths,qualities, weakness and value in a critical evaluation of the article Homicide Investigation Identifying Best Particles.There are various parts of the article that I found interesting and informative. What specifically stood out to me was the individual survey.

They had a questionnaire which asked question to 400 detectives and 125 supervisors. They questions were asked about achieving higher clearance rates. When asked one common answer was the lack of the public and witness cooperation, as well as personnel shortage and legal prosecutor. Detectives who listen are more well communicators and are skilled which helps them read people when trying to solve a case.I also found that in order to be successful in the field you must have interview and interrogation skills in order to get the truth. The individual survey covered many subjects.

The way they work together as a team is very important factor to gain leadership skills. They asked multiple questions that made a difference in how detectives think about their work field. In Homicide Investigations Identifying Best Particles is an interesting article that has its bad and good points. The detectives should be working on increasing the clearance rate on homicides reported to police departments.

Author: Gwendolyn Stevenson


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