Honolulu City Council

The Honolulu City Council is the law making body of the Honolulu City, which is responsible for making and enacting laws for the island of Oahu.

It is the second most powerful law making body in Hawaii, next to Hawaii State Legislature. The Honolulu City Council is the one responsible for balancing the powers between the current Honolulu Mayor and Honolulu’s Prosecuting attorney, thus making the council a very important part of the city and county. It is also the Council’s task to confirm the designations of the heads of office of various departments in the office of the city mayor.

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The Honolulu City council is composed of three relevant offices, which are the Office of the City Clerk, the Council Services, and the Office of the City Auditor.The Honolulu State Council is expected to do certain functions and fulfill certain tasks, which are their main priority when the Council is in Session. These tasks are for the betterment of the city and the improvement of its constituents, the people living in Honolulu. One of these tasks is setting policies that extend to the whole city by the enactment of ordinances and resolutions that they have made. This focuses more on the municipal government programs and services to the people, like safety (police and fire protection), livelihood, health and sanitation, recreation, and more. The Council is also responsible for the improvement and updates of the city’s existing programs and services. They are also the ones responsible for adopting a yearly operating budget for the city, which will be used to fund its operations and services for the welfare of the people.

The Council is also responsible for fixing fees and charges for the services being offered to the people by the city, and has the power to determine which properties will be taken for the welfare of the public. They are also the ones who have the authority to impose penalties and punishments for those who don’t comply with the city rules and ordinances that they enact.

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