Hope for Tomorrow: an Analysis of the Hpv Vaccine

The HPV vaccine has created many heated debates, but the bottom line come down to whether or not the time for this vaccination is now. Mike Adams, author of “HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny,” and Arthur Allen, author of “The HPV Debate Needs an Injection of Reality,” discuss the mandated HPV vaccine. Both acknowledge that the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine lack credibility and that the affordability of the vaccine is not favorable to disadvantaged families; however, they disagree that there is more than one effective way to prevent cervical cancer (445-447) (448-450).

Mike Adams and Arthur Allen both question the safety and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine. Adams is skeptical about the vaccine’s ability to act as an adequate preventative measure for cervical cancer. He explains that pharmaceutical companies and everyone involved with this vaccine have deceived the public into believing that it works and is not harmful (447). Similarly, Allen questions whether or not the vaccine has been thoroughly tested for a sufficient amount of time for pharmaceutical companies and doctors to administer the vaccine unquestionably.He states that “while promising [the vaccine] has no track record…there’s no guarantee that the HPV immunization won’t provoke a rare side effect” (450). Adams and Allen also agree that when mandating a vaccine the affordability of it should be taken into consideration. Adams argues that if the pharmaceutical companies are so concerned with the health of young girls then the vaccine should undoubtedly be offered for free.

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He contends that “if Merck was really about “patients first,” they should convert to a 501(c)3 non-profit…and give all their drugs away for free as a gift for humankind” (446).Furthermore, Allen states that mandating a vaccine and not making it affordable to families of all income levels would be a wrong move. He reports that the vaccine should come at no cost those who do not have the financial means to buy it (450). However, Allen continues by identifying an issue in the government’s ability to provide the vaccine to these disadvantaged families. He adds that “state health officials are already struggling to provide for existing mandated vaccines…they simply do not have the money to buy the HPV immunization for girls whose families can’t afford it” (450).

Despite their similar views on the safety and effectiveness and the affordability of the vaccine, Adams and Allen have separate views on the effectiveness of alternative ways to prevent cervical cancer. Adams identifies multiple effective measures that can be taken to prevent cervical cancer. He notes that “cervical cancer is prevented in a hundred other ways, including, adequate sunlight exposure and vitamin D consumption, supplementation with probiotics…regular physical exercise and many other safe, natural, non-patented strategies” (447).Allen, however, begins with the same thoughts and quickly identifies multiple problems with their effectiveness. Although he states that in getting a pap smear women can avoid contracting many cervical cancers, he contends that many women simply do not have this test done often enough and do get cervical cancer (449-450).

Both Mike Adams and Arthur Allen have very distinct views on the HPV vaccine being mandated; some of these views they share and others they do not. When analyzing and comparing these two articles it becomes evident that they agree on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and on the affordability of it.On the issue of alternative cervical cancer prevention though, they have different arguments. Regardless of the stand points of either author, society can only hope that tomorrow will bring a healthy solution for the young girls of America in the fight of cervical cancer and the Human Papilloma Virus.Works Cited Ackley, Katherine Anne, ed. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues: Readings Across the Disciplines. 6th ed.

Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2012. Print. Adams, Mike. “HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny. ” Ackley 445-447. Allen, Arthur. “The HPV Debate Needs an Injection of Reality. ” Ackley 448-450.

Author: Elias Stokes


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