The Housing Options of a College Student

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Last updated: February 10, 2019

When the teenager finishes high school and faces the prospect of attending college, one of the major dilemmas he has to contend with is where to live in the duration of her college schooling. College students have a variety of housing options from which to choose. Every option has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Some students choose to stay in their homes with parents, younger siblings and pets, especially if the college is near their home. Perhaps the most convenient choice, it is economical for the student since he would not be obliged to pay for food expenses, utility bills and housing fee or rent. He could eat home-cooked meals and still enjoy the same life he had growing up. The disadvantage to staying with one’s parents, however, is it could make one less dependent and able to juggle responsibilities and deal with unexpected emergencies. Living on one’s own prepares the individual better for the demands of real-life after college.

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Living in a dormitory may be the best option for the college student who is miles away from home. It is not as expensive as renting one’s own place. Dorm residents within campus are all focused on academics and school activities so that when one lives in a dormitory, he is said to live in an environment that is conducive to learning. The minus side, however, is that people who are not used to having roommates, noisy halls, and sharing toilets with a host of other people, may have a hard time adjusting to dormitory life. One is also forced to eat cafeteria food or mostly take-outs and junk food most of the time.

Another option is renting a single apartment for one’s own. The rich kid with a regular allowance would have no problem choosing this as the best option. It ensures privacy and quiet time for study and personal time. If one would like company, he can simply invite friends anytime he wants. The average college student, however, even if he finds part-time work, may not be able to afford apartment rent. Living alone also means one has to pay bills, cook, and clean.

There are a few other options for the college student when it comes to choosing a place where to live while in college. The choice would ultimately depend firstly, on what he could afford, and secondly, on his personality type. The important thing, however, whatever living setup he chooses, is that he finds it comfortable enough to make him want to go through college.


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