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Societies have been known to possess biases and flaws when it comes to gender related issues in almost every aspect and domain in life.

Take for example the discriminating issue towards women regarding politics and employment, ever since the brink of social development women are always regarded to be second to men in terms of qualities and abilities and leadership qualifications are always affected by this assumptions.In relation to the realm of the business and corporate world, discrimination and biased views are still widely promulgated in every level. This is mainly because the idea of leadership has been widely enticed with the word “man”. Social development regarding leadership has been patterned and based upon man’s characteristics, qualities and animalistic political behavior (Powell and Graves, 2003). History tells that most of the great rulers and leaders are commonly men while women are only left to the subordinate level thus limited their recognition and leadership abilities.But looking into the contextual issue of leadership and gender stereotyping, women are also known to possess great leadership and management skills some even surpasses that of the men. It is only a matter of a challenge for women to stand and overcome the already prevalent biased perception and the implications attached to it to be able to gain leadership rather than mere subordination.

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Thus, the idea of leadership is not only limited to gender basis but to the abilities and qualities that the person possess. According to Powell and Graves, women find it very hard to seek their place in the leadership level of the corporate world due to the barrier they encounter in the selection process (2003). Leader stereotypes mainly focus on the masculine characteristics in choosing and supporting their prescribed leaders and this gives the women great disadvantage. In addition, women who compete to men regarding leadership skills and position face the issue of losing their feminine characteristics and are forced to embrace masculinity and men’s viciousness in the workplace (Powell and Graves, 2003). This is mainly because leadership has been relatively based on man’s characteristics and qualities like what is mentioned earlier.Corporate world has always been noted to be commonly dominated by men and because of this fact that the nature of the domain itself is based on the masculine characteristics and qualities.

In addition, leadership and management have also been patterned to the manner of masculine behavior and perspective, thus putting more challenge and barriers to women who aim to enter this realm. But contrary to the normative perspective of the society that the leadership ability only favors men, women has also leadership skills to manage the business entity just like their gender counterparts. Leadership is not a skill limited only to gender. Though it is found out that leadership is different in male and female perspective, women’s leader behavior is also proven effective and reliable thus presenting gender based stereotyping and prejudice highly unethical and inappropriate in the corporate world.Equality is important to the society and the deprivation of the needs always post dangers and risk to the development of the society as a whole. Every person has needs and these needs must always be given or sufficiently address with to ensure the proper development of that individual.

Thus, women must be given equal respect and rights with the men because biological and psychologically they are equal and none is superior to the other. But still, they must observed their limitations and proper place in the society to ensure its peaceful and mutual compatibility within the individuals living in the society.Women and LeadershipIn order to build and have better leadership status in the future, the authors of book entitled “Spiritual Dimension of Leadership” provide some important guidelines that will fit to the prospective leaders. They offer the eight key principles that can lead to a prospective leader to become a valuable and enlightened leader, it is important to discussed this eight key principle in order to understand and enlightened the important point of views on how to become a better leader and spiritual adviser to the societies and communities. These are the following guidelines that a prospective leader should have to seriously apply and understand carefully in order to empower his leadership.·          Intention- In leadership it is important to know what is the real intention of the leader in his activities and programs, because all the related activities that are usually directed by the leader and provided by the members will always reflect his physical and moral values.·          Attention- A true leader must always visualize the needs and benefits of his team; in order to develop a progressive idea the leader should always give his full attention to the programs and activities that are very beneficial to the community.·          Unique Gifts and Talents- Special skills and talents are God given gifts to every individual; it is also temporarily stored to human body, by building and developing a set of better programs and activities, leaders are extending their best to use their skills and intellectual thinking to provide a humanistic and unbiased leadership to his community.

·          Gratitude- Leadership is not all about the giving of commands and duties, in order to achieve the main goal; an acting leader should have an interpersonal emotion, greater acceptance, and dipper appreciation for handling a serious obligation, also by receiving a lively sense of favors grateful acceptance is also required in order to have a better leadership practice application.·          Unique life lessons- Though leadership is always creating some comparisons, developing uniqueness is a big factor to create a better relationship towards other members, by using personal experience to provide a useful knowledge, “Unique life lessons” is a big contribution in having an enlightened leader.·          Holistic Perspective- This kind of principle is also required to inspire the members to also achieve their goals. By emphasizing the importance of the members in the society, through the implementations of the holistic perspective true leadership will be more effective.·         Openness- To achieve a wise leadership especially in education, openness is a big impact to create a better leadership. Leaders should always be open-minded in terms of the ideas and theories that are represented by the members of the public constituents.

Any problems should seriously be discussed properly.·         Trust- The most important things that the leaders in spiritual and educational area should apply is trust, leaders should always create their different perspectives as well as the progressive idea on how to lead a certain group; however, trust is the major factor in continuously aiming and becoming a leader. However, trust remains to be the core reason needed for the leadership skill applications to be successful enough for the organizations being served.If the insights written within the pages of the book being discussed in here will always prevail within the society’s leaders, it could be easily expected that better days are ready to come ahead as the future generation of human civilization sprouts out to serve the different countries around the globe. The book indeed provides the most necessary inspiration that leaders need to posses in leading the nation or any other social organization, trust and knowledge that would lead to a more successful future and a more effective leading procedure.

Obviously, these aspects of leadership could be well observed on women leaders as they are the ones noted for having better sense of passion for leadership in comparison with the more masculine approach in leadership.Leadership is a serious task that has to betaken by those who are able to understand the society in an objective way. Certainly, the idea of becoming a leader requires serious thinking.  Becoming a leader requires efforts that start with personal development and adjustments. There are numerous theories and practices that help the hopeful leaders in becoming the person that they want to be. In the paper to follow, a reflection on one’s ability and self-improving processes would be discussed in the view of the author of this paper.Being a leader is a serious task that requires serious effort and determination to adjust on the part of the person who wants to pursue on being a leader in his or her own field of interest. As Peter Northouse refer to leadership as a “change that would affect the whole personality of an individual”(2006, 16).

It is not true that leaders are born, they are made. Through self-restructuring of themselves, the leaders of today have sprung out from actually being nothing to becoming influential personalities in the human society. How? Because of their determination to make a change to the society that rooted out from the changes that they had to make on themselves in the first place. This is the reason why in this paper, a self-examination process shall be utilized to learn the importance of self-adjustment in becoming a leader. Leadership is one of the most common practices that is found and applied on the different organizations around the world. The need for governance has mainly increased the pressure on institutions specializing in educating aspiring leaders with the needed skills that they are expected to have when they are already working on their own fields of interest.Leadership for many is a virtue learned through the experience of becoming great followers. It requires effort and ample time before it could be said to be the perfect way of showing leadership.

  It could be obviously seen how much the people who are considered leaders in the world are viewed as exemplary people and not as people who knows only to command and drives other to work. When it comes to the business industry, the character involving refined leadership is a must to be possessed by everyone. Yes, as leadership itself has strongly affected the lives of many people in the business industry, it indeed is an important character. The idea of being a leader itself is never that easy. Though, through careful and patient learning in adjusting one’s self to be able to adapt to the necessary needed characters of a leader, a refined leadership is never that impossible to acquire.When it comes to the definition of leadership, many groups or organizations have their own view of the characters and responsibilities involved in being a leader. As for example,  House defines “leadership” organizationally and narrowly as “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members” (House, R. J.

2004: page 15). Indeed, the success of the leader would naturally determine the success of the organization he or she is acquainted with. This is the main reason why many people tend to really deeply learn the art of leadership.

Mainly aiming to alleviate the effectiveness of one’s leadership skills, leadership schools and courses were opened especially regarding the business industries. This is the reason why the need for path-goal theory application is an insisted demand upon those individuals who are longing to become effective leaders of the organizations that they are aiming to serve.How the Path-Goal Theory is Effectively UtilizedThe path goal theory is more of a directive motivation on the part of the individuals who are aiming to become leaders of their own groups. The idea is to motivate themselves to motivate others. It is undeniable that people get personal motivation from different areas of life. They naturally get influenced by the different systems of understanding that they particularly grow fond of as they deal with the different challenges that they need to face as individuals everyday.

These growth sources could be both derived from theoretical assessments of the situation along with the experiential measure of the situation. It is undeniably true that experience itself makes the theoretical background of each individual grow to a more applicable aspect of learning on the part of each person’s growth.Theoretical learning aspects could be sourced out from institutional instructions while that of the actual learning aspect could be sourced out from on the job trainings or from actual based experiences. Self-learned theories could be observed to have the personal impact of insisting administrative practice of leadership upon a person’s life.

How could self-assessment be performed by an individual wanting to be an effective leader?Applying Personal Growth in Leading the GroupBeing a leader requires many humane aspects in different personality region. Mainly, it requires psychological stability for holding together the team which is to be lead or the subordinates, mental capacity for making critical reasoning and proper judgment, and sociological for relating with the people within the team. Certain traits aside from these are also much required such as interpersonal charisma and pleasing personality. All of these are vital in leadership because of the main fact that the people within the team will look up to him or her for the decisions, actions and guidance thus his or her responsibility is quite complex and morally challenging (Lashway, 1996). Since being a leader is an important task and it deals with people, performing it involves many moral and ethical aspects and if these issues are in contrast with the leader’s personal values then severe contradictions can occur. Thus, the personal ethics is important in playing the role of a leader because whatever the leader’s moral values are will reflect to his team thus influencing their performance and relationshipBefore making a decision, critically analyzing the consequences and the action itself will provide some ethical enlightenment to the problem that is being faced. Though taking the job, which is considered unethical, would not compromise the moral values of the person, it will surely affect the conscience and the performance of the person and being a leader, this scenario would not post pleasant environment. Considering the impact of the unethical nature of the company would give the applicant a broader contextual perception of the dilemma.

(Center for Ethics and Business, 2006).Thus, by looking at the problem completely then other perspective can be considered such as the consequences that the person can do to influence the ethical position of the company. As a leader in the company, the person can establish certain ethical policies that can promote positive outcomes instead of solely focusing on the negative aspect of the company. As an example, making policies and regulation that strongly prohibits smoking among the minors or launching campaigns educating the public regarding ideas of moderate smoking which would increase the pleasant appeal of the company to the society. It may sound very idealistic but it will surely affect the ethical and moral perception of the people with the company thus reflecting positive economic asset to the enterprise itself. A leader has the responsibility to promote the moral values and ethics in his or her work place and this also includes the company’s image itself. By being a leader, a person powers can extend to aspect such as creating an ethical environment regarding the employment he or she pursue with moral adhesion.

Instead of seeing a certain job as something unethical, consider a perspective of how a person can make a certain job ethical for himself or herself and the social community they belong lived in.Dealing with such issues of organizational assistance of truthfully realizing their organization’s worth to the society should be faced with the leader with integrity and power over what is wrong. How does he know what is wrong? The theoretical background that he may have learned from school or other instructional institutions that he has attended may as well serve well in these particular situations.

Whereas on the other hand, his personal experiences on the matter could profoundly assist him in making considerable decisions that are bound to do something that is progressive for the entire business. The present world is beset with problems that defy solution. So as to be able to meet the challenges of becoming a fine leader for the majority, this paper then requires personal adjustments on a hopeful leader.

As it is believed by Northouse, a leader is someone who has competencies in changing the society by starting within himself. (2006, 25) Yes, changing the society is a large responsibility. Providing the people of what they need is a vital part of the responsibilities of being a leader. A hopeful leader could not attain the said goals and complete the said responsibilities without working on his personality first. Not unless he is able to reach his best potential as a person would he be able to bring out the best potential on others that could help them attain their dreams as well. Yes, personal development is essential for creating a leader within one’s self. Realizing one’s personal capabilities and limitations would help one recognize that others too have their own limitations and capabilities.

People who have the capability of seeing people as persons who are capable of improving and developing are the ones who become successful leaders of the society.Applying the Leadership Concepts as Learned from Theory and ExperienceThere are different issues of leadership that each person faces in terms of organizational administration. It is indeed helpful that one knows how to deal with each situation as one actually differs from the other. There are at least five major ways of leadership that could be applied in this particular situation of personal growth.·              Model the WayThis particularly refers to the ability of the appointed leaders to become role models for other members of the group. The fact that they are placed in position, means that they have a certain characteristic that is  particularly inspiring. The utilization of the said character shall help the leader set a pattern for others to follow. Once the road has been set, the reality of success is not that hard to foresee.

·         Inspire a Shred VisionUnity is one of the primary reasons behind the success of different organizations. Once each member is able to envision the real goal of the organization as to where they are actually headed to, the inspiration begins. Indeed, everyone has the right to get involved in what is happening and thus be able to understand where the direction of the group is taking them.·         Challenge the ProcessChallenging the process does not mean changing the procedures of the organization abruptly. With ample time of adjustment and informing the members of the changes that are to be made, the procedural changes could occur. From this particular way, the organization is beginning to open its doors to other alternatives of meeting the goals of the group.

However, to do so, careful planning and examination of the possibilities should be done.·         Enable Others to ActIncluding other members of the group within the system of procedural arrangements is one type of motivation that makes everyone in the organization feel that they are of great use for the achievement of the group’s goal. Hence, achieving the goals with them leaves them with the satisfaction of work that they primarily expect from the group upon joining.·         Encourage the HeartSimply involving the members within the job are not enough.

Leaders ought to encourage their members through making them realize of their worth to the group. To do so, the leaders are expected to be able to figuratively touch the hearts of the members of the group so as to empower them to perform better not only for the organization’s sake but for their own benefit as well.Through the consideration given to the five steps of leadership as enlisted above, it could be expected that the appointed authorities would be equipped with the necessary skills that they need to set a straight path for success for the entire organization. However, to do so, it should be remembered that the effective utilization of empowering communication should be applied as well.

Without the existence of the said connection between the leaders, the victory that is being achieved may not become reality at all.ConclusionSetting path-goal theory as a major source of improvement upon organizations is a primary effective process of strengthening the capability of the leaders and of the other members as well to face the different issues that the entire groups need to face with everyday.  This particularly means that the changes that organizations are required to meet every now and then require an ample amount of patience and courage from the leaders.

Aside from that, it also requires sturdiness when it comes to decision making on the part of the leaders. The policy of “what must be implemented must be implemented” should always be carried on through by the leaders with an ample scaling of the ethical values that are involved within the situation. Yes, the fact that leadership is not an easy challenge that needs to be conscientiously met identifies the qualities and the attitudes that leaders or aspiring organizational head personnel should posses. Hence, a leader is then supposed to face the said challenges in full courage and knowledge of the strategies that need to be applied in particular situations that they are to meet. Changes need to happen individually.

However, making a leader out of one’s self is not an easy task. As they say, the worst enemy one could ever have is one’s own self. This is why learning the art of leadership requires the determination to do well on the said matter. If one is determined to become the best leader he could be, he should be able to accept self-changes and adjustments to be able to attain the goals of becoming and efficient leader. Hence by becoming individually effective as a leader, the learning of theoretical leadership along with the implication of the learning that one gains from experience could be established well as part of the major aspects of application that could be utilized for establishing a fine practice of leadership as per noted by an individual upon himself and his colleagues as well. Through personal assessment of the matter, motivating people would become an easier task on the part of the leader himself.On Culture and LeadershipThe world, through history has seen the best leaders of all time. Certainly, these people who lead great crowds to believe in the principles they ought to impart to the world have entirely affected the human history.

Yes, the said leaders came from all sorts of race and origin. However, their way of living and the fact that they wanted to change the present system of their times led the whole human society to where it is right now. The question then is, what does it really take to be called a great leader? Does culture and origin count in creating a person who would likely become a great leader? How do people accept a person who is considered a great leader?Among the great leaders known to the world are Mohandas K. Gandhi, who believes in political system reformation and Nelson Mandela who on the other hand pursues equality among every race in the human society especially concerning the level of respect received by each person regardless of their color in the American communities. Yes, both leaders came from different countries and different culture. However, their idealisms towards social transformation have been the topic of many writers through the years and their thoughts have been noted to among the pillars of the human civilization today.Apparently, it is not the way a ‘leader’ looks like or acts like, it is his capability to address to what the majority of the society needs that makes him a great leader. His courage to attest to what is right and to pursue his belief of the truth is what drives the people in his society love him and respect his ideals.

Certainly, the acceptance of the majority of the righteous implications of the said leaders towards a fair and utopian society identifies the outstanding personalities in the society to becoming a great leader for the entire human generation.Yes, adhering to what is right and good for all is the key for one person to become a great leader. The certainty of a person with the fulfillment of his idealisms towards the betterment of his society leads him to the possibility of being known as a common individual with exceptional leadership that brings change to his community.ConclusionThere are numerous women who have been making the human society progressive towards a better future: whether in political terms, in social development issues, in educational advancements as well as with moral stratification strategies that are present in the human communities today. With these particular differences set in concentration with making the human society more conducive in receiving the best possible changes needed for the progress that humans particularly expect in life (Anderson, 2003, 27). However, making a difference is not an easy responsibility to take into consideration, especially with that of women who are expected to complete several responsibilities to their families and their selves as well (Anderson, 2003, 21). The question raising the issues then is that of how are they able to perform all the responsibilities that shape their existence within the society and their role as glue-holders of their families?As earlier mentioned, there are numerous women who are known for social service that actually affects the development of the entire human communities today (Anderson, 2003, 15).

Among the said women are Hillary Clinton and the late Mother Theresa. There are still others, however their names are too numerous to be listed herein. However, no matter how individually different they may be, they all have the same performing practices in terms of facing the responsibilities that they have upon the society’s values and their own aspirations in making great changes in life. (Anderson, 2003, 14)Women are traditionally known to have a responsibility of giving care to their homes, their families. It has always been an accepted idea with regards the role of women that they are supposed to prioritize their families since this is the main responsibility that identifies their being. However, as years advance, the role of women in the society also expands.

Now, they do not simply stay inside the four walls of their homes. They are now able to take employment outside their homes and they are even able to take responsibilities in the political positions at present. It could not be denied too that even though women are given larger chances of making changes today, they are still able to do all the responsibilities that they are primarily appointed with by womanhood itself (Cantarow, 1980, 13). However, it is undeniable too that most of the women who are working for the society who immediately become social images are noted for their capability of primarily coming up with the possibilities of performing their social responsibilities. On the other hand though, it is also a downside of the situation when they are not able to perform the major responsibility that they have upon their families. It is undeniable that because of the many responsibilities that they are trying to handle, they are usually too much tied up to even attend to their children or their husbands at that.

(Cantarow, 1980, 14)Even though this is the situation, women are still given the finest chance to perform their duties to their families and their society in a balanced process (Cantarow, 1980, 16). It is undeniable that through this, they are to be noted for being able to give the values of their families and their societies in a balanced way, thus becoming the best of themselves, giving their time and sacrificing themselves for the good of the welfare of others.


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