How to Overcome a Fear

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Last updated: February 14, 2019

How to overcome a fear Everyone have fears and phobias, and sometimes it is really difficult to overcome these.

Fears and phobias are not hereditary; they are acquired throughout life by the association of scary experience with an object or situation particular. Also, they can be purchased to avoid confront a feared object or situation. Happily, there exist some steps to overcome these fears and phobias.

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The first step is identified and assumes that you have a fear. It is easier when you define it because you can attack directly the problem, and exposes to phobias or fears gradually.Also the recognition of past incidents as possible causes of the emergence of the phobia or fears can help you to understand that there is nothing to fear. After that, you have to understand your fear. Clinical psychologists often use a dual focus therapy to treat fears: first, addressing the thoughts and attitudes about what makes you afraid, and, secondly, to combat the physical response to what is feared. The therapy tried to show that if you face what cause panic, there would not be any damage. The third step is crucial; you must face the fear or phobia face to face.

One technique, knowing as “Modelado”, consists of observe and spend time with someone who regularly deal with that we are afraid. With regular practice, you can overcome you fear as soon as you realize that there is not something to be fear, or it is something that you can control. Last, remember that you need to expose yourself and face the fear gradually, but it can be worst. Never take more that you can hadle. In resume, fears and phobias are not hereditary, they are acquired throughout life but always we have the possibility to overcome it. There exist steps and therapies that might help you


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