Huffman Trucking

Huffman Trucking Company was created in 1936 with a single tractor-trailer.

There growth is due to World War II and the U. S. Governments demand for carrier services for factories in the Midwest to ports on the East Coast. In 1945, there growth increased to 36 trailers and 16 tractors. There growth is due to internal sales with the acquiring of five Eastern regional carriers.This has allowed them to continue to be privately held.

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There business processes and organizational structure uses the transaction processing system (TPS). The transaction processing system collects and stores, retrieves, and modifies all data transactions. A transaction processing system supports the collection, monitoring, storage, and processing of business transactions and also provides the input data for other information systems in the organization. Transaction processing means to quickly process transactions and data.That process supports the core operations which lower the risks of transaction mistakes and allows for reliable processing of transactions. This paper covers the current system in use and will make suggestions on other systems that could be used to improve the overall business process at Huffman Trucking. Huffman Trucking Huffman Trucking is a mid-sized transport company in the shipping of goods, and operates in a very competitive market.

Management developed a strategy to develop an advantage by focusing on the improvement of quality service in the shipping process.At Huffman Trucking the shipping process involves receiving goods from shippers, sorting packages for transport to destinations, and loading the products for transporting from facilities to destinations. The transportation of packages from loading docks to destinations is a separate process. A number of factors affect the shipping process at Huffman Trucking.

The two factors that create the greatest problems is the system that moves packages from receipt to loading and the level of cooperation between loading dock workers and transport drivers. Burrill & Ledolter, 1999). Many companies use new technology to improve their business, increase revenues, and expand nationally. Businesses need to adapt to new and faster ways to remain competitive by reaching customers and satisfying their needs.

Operating a trucking company can guarantee at least one thing: the department of transportation will be going through records with a fine tooth comb. This is why a company needs to use a system of databases to track, calculate, and report every aspect of finance, time, and truck maintenance in the company.They must always have a detailed map of where the drivers have been, where they are, and where they plan ongoing next. The US government is one of Huffman’s major businesses and they ship many things while shipping different automotive parts to suppliers and electric consumer products, raw materials for manufacturers and a number of other materials and products. They have facilities in California, St. Louis, Cleveland, Bayonne, Missouri, and New Jersey. This includes 2,100 trailers, 800 road tractors, and 260 “roll-on/roll-off” units.They currently outsource all of their IT needs (Burrill & Ledolter, 1999).

BrokerWare BrokerWare is software that is developed to help manage freight companies. It allows the management of operations, dispatch, carrier selection, routing, accounting, billing, tracing, collections, and much more. BrokerWare also has built in support for truckload, less-than-truckload, rail, expedited, and any type of equipment.

With a dispatch tool, they could reduce time to enter in orders and shipping documents. Carrier selection could shorten carrier research times and profit margins.Communication can be improved with staff and customers accuracy with billing and relations because of that. There is an accounting entry application that eliminates double accounting entries and administrative reports can be used to analyze profitability and growth. The need to outsource their IT work can be reduced and costs, and also increasing revenue and developing increased efficiency (Brainmass, 2010). Integrative Database Tools Using a data mining tool as a database can help companies effectively sort through and immense amount of data.It will take what looks like a mess of figures and statistics and break them down to a formula, which conveys simple logic to business owners and analysts. Information systems are an interconnected set of information resources with direct management controls and shares common functions.

Systems include software, hardware, data, applications, information, communication, and people. In the freight transportation industry, to compete successfully is not as simple as picking up a shipment from a customer and transporting it from one point to another point.In the modern world a careful approach must be taken to develop a relationship with the supplier and establishing contracts in becoming a preferred carrier and learning the supplier’s requirements. Having systems that can relay information in ways that can anticipate shipments as well as provide real-time information on shipments already made (Prenhall, 2009).

Just-in-Time Strategy In the manufacturing of any product; the delivery is important because a delay in a single part can stop the entire process. Due to the importance of delivery; companies must place purchase orders in a timely manner.Once the orders are placed; it should also follow-up and ensure timely delivery of goods. Just-n-Time (JIT) is one of many systems used by companies or organizations to order material so they arrive just in time so companies do not have to invest money or pay taxes on inventory. JIT is very helpful in manufactured type environments is also helpful where a bill of materials are identified in advance so the company can establish relationships with suppliers to process the order and release the shipment on the date it is requested.The key here is to know the lead time for a given part and establishing a supplier to ship on the requested date. The risk with JIT strategy is delays in delivery which could slow the overall production. To reduce this risk, companies and organizations must communicate with suppliers and Freight Company’s frequently to forecast as well as submit the forecast to suppliers so that lead time delays are avoided.

This is causing additional costs for Huffman as a result of drivers staying overnight and loss in production due to trucks being tied up.To improve this issue they could speak with customers in real-time and set up an automated system that allows them to see upcoming shipments and scheduling methods. The benefit from this process would be beneficial not only for the company; but its customers as well.

The ability to see days in advance with more accuracy would make Huffman’s scheduling task much easier, effective, profitable, and allow truck capacity. The JIT method would allow delivering the shipment on time at a very good on-time shipment and delivery rate.Customers will appreciate the on-time delivery and consider the company a reliable carrier. They will also appreciate the ability to communicate in real-time, ensuring completive advantage (Safe Shaikh 2009). Conclusion In conclusion, Huffman Trucking provides transportation services to many companies. Huffman Trucking’s customers rely on it for timely delivery of shipments. Huffman Trucking has room for improvement with new opportunities and new challenges.

The reader can see that to analyze what scheduling issues the company faces, they must first ask the right questions to obtain what issues they will face.By determining those issues, Huffman Trucking can anticipate and prepare to solve those problems in the quickest, most efficient manner.



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