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Last updated: June 20, 2019

Youth is that phase of life where dreams are built, hope is kindled,and a bright future is foreseen. Those are the years to understand yourself, discover your potentials, grab opportunities and pursue success. Those are the years to foster moral principles, construct your value system and begin an all-new journey on the path of the ‘right’.

Good morning,respected ma’am and all my dear friends. Today I Apurva is standing before you to express my opinions on the topic “The role of youth in the success of any country” The bud of nation’s future finds a fragrant blooming in the hands of its youth.It’s the time of culmination when the youth must realize and individually shoulder the responsibility of resuscitation of any country in every aspect be it social, economical, political, administrative or any other. Development of a strong nation demands youth possessing steely will power, mighty determination and tremendous grit. For this the youth itself must be fully sound and armour itself with all essential qualities so that any modern country sees its unprecedented growth and development by skilled finishers.Youth are the real sculptors of the nation and Swami Vivekananda rightly called the youth “The Real Power of the Nation”. there are few things on which the we as a youths should think upon. these are as follows • youths should fight for their equal rights.

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•fighting corruption should be one the main aims of the youths •along with the aim to empower the masses. •looking for jobs within the country will help in a certain way as the youths will help their own country instead of doing jobs for other contries. active involvement in social issues with great innerest would be a immense help towards a nation. •widely promating national integration within the country. •equal participation of women in all fields Albert Einstein once said ,”Problem cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them”.So in order to eradicate these crux youth with double toughness are required. The main motto of the youth should be” to nip the evil in the bud”. Our political system is governed by desperados, hooligans and such miscreants of society who have attired themselves in the robes that resents them as the saviours of the nation.

Infact they are eating away the nation like worms slowly and gradually. Criminalisation of the politics has infact obfuscated the image of fair play in government. So this is now a “Wake up Call”, for the youth of the modern India to wake, rise and move ahead and prove their hegemony over such corrupt leaders and take the command into their hands to run the government. Education to the youths should open doors for new opportunities in various fields.

It should help the youths find avenues to pursue their likes. It should enable them venture into new fields and explore new areas. Education must help the youths realize their goals. The fundamental purpose of education is to create good human beings. Education is vital to the healthy growth and development of one’s personality. In making the ‘beings’ ‘human’ to produce ‘human beings’, lies the importance of education to youths. Silence or calmness is much important for youth. o nation thrive by rearing lazy youth because youths are strength of any nation.

Youths are the back –bone of a nation. They can make or destroy a nation. They can increase prosperity with their generosity. In Conclusion, Friends I want you believe in your ability to bring about the desire change, to redesign our lives, homes, community, society and nation. At times like this it is our resilience, dream, discovery, potential and compassion that define who we are as a nation and determine our success as an individual. Thank you


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