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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Every human being is unique and their preferences are highly individualized. Each person’s interest and hobby depends on one’s upbringing, personality, and lifestyle.

There are those who are spoiling themselves in making sumptuous food, while others prefer to purchase and avoid the tediousness of preparation. Some choose to be athletic and nurture their skills in sports, while others easily get tired. Some people can spend their whole day writing their thoughts, emotions and random words filling up more than ten pages, while others cannot even start a sentence.

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Nowadays one’s hobby, such as cooking, engaging in physical activities, and writing, are becoming the money makers. One isn’t anymore limited to doing these hobbies to fill up their free time, but they can now be a career. International business and business in general, stock markets, and banking are a few of my interests. During my spare time I have been indulging in checking out market trends, reading about it on the internet and sometimes watching it on television. I may not be interested in painting, dancing, or singing, but that does not mean that my interests are not hobbies. To each his own, I believe. I feel so blessed because my profound attraction for all things business can be incorporated in my chosen career path, which just happens to be either banking or business-related.


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