TITLE :project on Hr management on varioues team structure methods adopted by different companies.

Describe the answer in tow parts 1) mention team structute and factors 2) Roles and responsibilitites I had selected the company Iceland for the following task. Iceland a supermarket having many chains in UK has been formed in the year 1970. Iceland is being considered as a busy organization across UK and Ireland. It is known as a food supermarket which mainly deals with the Refrigerated food, meat, dairy products etc.Iceland has other 682 branches all over UK and Ireland-Jan2009. Alternative strategy would be the one which I will be implementing it in my company as it has been seen that it is effective also it provides us with the clear scenario of our competitors, their weakness as well as strength, their marketing techniques, how do they perform during competition times the type of strategy they take in the present market conditions. After we gather all the data regarding the trend and the opponent we would be able to come up with a accurate step in order to create a marketing strategies.

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To conduct this strategy you need to understand these essentials. •Classifying nature of competitor – To make a strategy they need to have a clear idea regarding the market he is targeting his opponents. Iceland being a retail company there are many opponents such as Asda, M&S, tesco etc. giving a strong competition with regards to price, their market shares etc. these are direct opponents and off licence shops are indirect opponents.

Objective of competitor and their nature – To be in the current competitive market on has to be familiar with his opponent.If Iceland introduces an offer that buy for 40 pounds and get 5 pounds free than our opponent might introduce an offer where they will say buy for 30 pounds and get 8 pounds discount which means they don’t want Iceland to grow. •Type of strategy used and how effective they are – All the organization uses their marketing strategy which helps them to be successful and later after analysing the strategy they have to make out whether it will profiting for the current company as the success of the company is not on the same strategy but it differs from companies to company demands. Weakness as well as strength of the competitor: – Retail industry in London has very competitions where every company wants to earn profit on the weakness of other retail industry. Iceland purely sells food products whereas Tesco also sells nonfood items. •Their move when face competitive move -Company have to stay updated regarding opponentsas if any step they are taking than what will be the reaction of the other opponents and how will they be competing it on this change. Following are the characteristic opinion that can be approved in order to get benefit like:- Market targeted Mass market with lowConstricted markets join with cheap price Contracted market and innovation TASK 1B) Theories depend on the organization to organization as every company has different needs and requirements and every organization has a different way of working.

Hence keeping in mind Iceland way of working there many theories that can be taken into consideration such as Marketing Mix, Porter’s Five Theory, Pestle Analysis, Kaizan theory etc. Hence keeping all the data and the current facts and figures in mind and gathering all the information following mentioned are the theories that will underlie strategic planning.There are 5 steps where strategic planning might include :- Deciding the company’s motto with regards to what they want and gain in the cming 5 to 10 yrs. Once have got the solution :- •Analysing the placein the market •Expansionwith regards to strategy as well as introduction •Assessment Task 1. C Porters 5 Analysis: -The porter’s 5 analysis is very easy and important force for identifying the company’s current status in the market what are the strength and the weakness of the organization. ?Bargaining control of dealers:-there are many suppliers who play foremost share in company as well as knowing how crucial are they for a company. Purchasing Power:- Buyers are being considered as consumers and only they have the power to bargain ? Competitive challenge:- these depends on the type of company and number of same companies are there in the market also the product. ?Threats of new entrance in the market:- the business of retail is a booming industry and hence there many new entries in the market creating competition.

I have also undertaken the SWOT analysis which will be helping me in bringing the business at a good position. Following are the points under weakness as well as strength:- ?Store Conveniences:- Skillfullabor force: – ?E- Business: – ?No distinctivegoods:- ?Brands: – ?Price Opportunity and threats – ?Flourishing economy: -. ?Refrigerated food expert: – ?Home delivery: – Low cost: – ?Additional good offered with opponents:- ?Substitute withopponents:- . Task1 D) Marketing mix:- Following term marketing mix mentions about the main elements that needs to be exist for developing an accurate product for the market also best service.

Marketing Mix are fragmented into 4p which are the easiest method for making understand the fundamentals in order for developing a effective market promotion.Product: -non touchablecommodities are being termed on the basis of services rendered in industry like catering, Hotel, and Tourism. Touchablestuffswould be termed where the products are being manufactured in large amountnot reusable razor. ?Price: – Price is the label showing sum a buyer pays for the particular product needed. Pricing choices are created keeping below mentioned categorizations in mind:- ? Product selling ratio ?Wholesale discounts ?Bulk valuing ?Discounts offered at festival time. ?Price Elasticity ?Awareness in Price ?Amount scanningPlace: -It represents a locality where the consumer goes and buys the goods. Generally that it specified as distribution network which will be including a physical supermarket or E-stores.

Below illustrated are the step which needs to be given attention:- ? Channel of Distribution ?Direct and Indirect sales ?E-Business. ?Promotion: – It is being considered as a technique to make the consumers alert regarding the product as well the service rendered. Promotion can be done in may varied ways like, Pamphlet, Mouth of Word, and Advertisement etc. hese are the following ways which will help in eradicating the information hole amongst the sellers and the consumers. These types of method are expensive and hence it is upon the company what type of budget they have been formed and the type of service offered. Task 2 TASK 2A) Competitive advantage: – “Condition which enables a company to operate in a more efficient or otherwise higher-quality manner than the companies it competes with, and which results in benefit accruing to that company” Reference – http://www. investorwords. om/998/competitive_advantage.

html Iceland’s Competitive benefit– Iceland aids consumers simply fresh food in addition todiversityinrefrigerated food packages. it is clear that Iceland’smain targetedmarketplaceare consumersthateyeing for diversityinfoodstuffas well as goodflavorwhich they will be getting at low cost. Iceland’s market approach is simple that to offer service along by earninggoodwill of consumers. Iceland is generating 15% profit in sales from consecutive four yrs and is being stated 2nd in the E-business. )Skilled workforce – Iceland is considered to recruited professional as well as skilled recruitment crew that hire people having experience. Also management group are very much well-organized in providingaffirmative outputs. 2)Research and Development:-Iceland createsconstantdevelopment in store, in order to give consumers outstanding experience in shopping. This will make consumers to generate word of mouth promotion as well providing updates to client’s requisite.

this make consumers feelwelcomingenvironment in Iceland. )No. of Iceland outlets:- Iceland have around 600 outlets all over the UK and are currently thinking of opening new outlets which will help them in reaching to their consumers easily with availability of all food products based on their place. Disadvantages of Competitive Advantage:- Higher Level of Competitions: – as there are numerous more retail outlets emerging giving a tuff competition for Iceland, as they also sells food products and non-food products whereas Iceland purely deals with food and refrigerated stuff.Parking Problem: – As the maximum of consumers in today’s society owns a car and when they come for shopping they come out with their car. Hence due to no availability of parking they goes to another store and buys good form the other stores where they have parking facility such as Sainsbury.

Closing time:- Iceland outlets closes at 7 in the evening whereas others such as Tesco closes at 12 in the night which brings them more customers, more sales and more profits. TASK 2B) Many of the employees left the company and joined the other due to the high work pressure in the process.Later the manager took in charge of that process and he found the loopholes of the process and created a plan to overcome of it. Describing stakeholders is a difficult part as Iceland is not only In London but it is all over the United Kingdom. It consists of 600 stores and therefore in order for facing the competition Iceland decided to recruit some more employees and give the best service to the consumers. Iceland is being known for its cheap food products and refrigerated foods.The main target of Iceland was to achieve the good position in the market and is being formed in the year 1970 which means almost 40 years it is serving UK consumers.

They have been successful in achieving the targets and the goals and aims they have set. Now they require a proper manager and the skilled workforce in order to run the management smoothly. As the competition was very tough the sales were going down and to avoid any loss they started recruiting the staff so that a proper service can be given to customers and some new outlets can be opened.Referenceshttp://www.

iceland. co. uk/page/view/like-for-like_sales_performance_since_2001 http://www. acareerinretail. co. uk/ethical-considerations-when-choosing-company.

htmlhttp://www. iceland. co. uk/page/view/a_great_place_to_work

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