Ideal College

Rebecca Pence Eng. 100 Ideal College At IWC college they offer many programs and courses for students. They also have small Class. But sometimes I feel that they could be a little bit smaller.

But the purpose Of my ideal college would be so that the students could advance there knowledge. In the Area they are wanting to study for. I would also offer dorms rooms that you would not Share with other people. Also they would be able to have more one on one time with The teacher. My ideal college would be somewhere warm, and on the beach. The plus toHaving it somewhere warm would be that I could enjoy the sun, get a tan, play in the Water, or just enjoy the sand.

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Another upside of having it somewhere warm would Be that I could wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. The positive thing about wearing Flip flops would be that my feet would not sweat because I don’t have to wear shoes and Socks. Another advantage about the beach would be that you can just lay out to get a Suntan , or you can just got and sit on the beach so you can study homework. The disadvantage of having your school in Mount Pleasant, Iowa would be theThe cold weather, the snow and the ice. There can be sometimes that it will rain and then It so cold that it turns to ice, and then on top of that it snows and we can get up to 6-8 Inch of snow. It also can get windy, and then when it gets windy the snow blow all over The road, cause snow drifts and can cause bad driving conditions. Also then I have To worry about the snow and ice melting and then refreezing, then that is called black ice. The next thing that I would want my ideal college to have early class.

If I Had all early class and be done by 12:00 p. . I could have all day to enjoy the weather. I could go to the beach, layout, get a suntan, go swimming in the pool or the beach.

I Also can take the afternoon to go shopping at the mall or just enjoy the rest of the Day with all of my friends. Also if I have early calls I can have the rest of the Afternoon to do homework and study to get it all our of the way. On of the other things I would want my ideal college to have would be that the Students had their own rooms and did not have to share.

Some reason for this would beThat you don’t have to worry about people using your makeup, hairbrush, hair ties, or just Wearing your shoes if I had the same size feet as my roommate. I don’t mind sharing if They ask but some people don’t know how to ask before they use your stuff. You can also Study in peace and quite or just be able to do your homework with out being interrupted. Another reason I would want my own room would be because I would just have privacy And not to be bothered by my roommate coming in all hours of the night, being loud, and Then I get woke up by them coming in.

The last reason would have your won showers in Your room. I find it really nasty to have to share showers with other people, I don’t know What kind of people use the showers, and I can clean it the way I want it and i would Not have to share my bathroom with other people. The last thing my ideal college would have is more groups.

The more groups you Have the more people form the college can get to know each other. Some groups would Art group, nursing group, and a teaching group. These groups would be for all of the Students that are taking these curses and want to meet other students that are maybeA grade ahead of them.

There would also be a course that could take in the field that I am studying so I can go work somewhere to see if that what I want to major in. The conclusion if my story would be that I think I am offer some good things. I Feel that every college should offer these kind of things and give the students a Opportunity to learn what they want and have there own room for the quietness. I also feel that if you have a it somewhere warm more students are able to go to school Because they now that they are going to get our early.

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