Identity Theft Made Easy

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Last updated: March 30, 2019

Identity theft is among the easiest of fraudulent activities to commit. Identity Fraud is very difficult to detect and at the same time, technology, in one way or another, actually makes theft easier. With the age of the internet and personal information data bases, a lot of people are able to access personal information which can be used for illegal activities.

The usual targets of impersonators are financial establishments, properties and other financial resources. This can also be viewed as a means of personal attack to destroy an individual’s image (Rosoff, Pontell, and Tillman 179). Stealing a person’s identity has also become easier of inside jobs from organizational employees who give out sensitive information like bank account details for example (Rosoff, Pontell, and Tillman 181).Thieves gain easy access to personal information in many ways. First is by the conventional pickpocket method where all secured identity cards such as bank cards, identification cards, and other documents that serve as proofs of identity (Federal Trade Commission 6). Personal motives can also make identity theft uncomplicated because individual who often discussed private matters to close friends puts their accounts at risk. When feud takes into the scene, identity theft is used as a form of revenge which will make his/her enemy suffer financially.

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Another way is by means of stealing mail from victim’s mailboxes usually including bank statements, telephone information social security and tax identification details. In this case, it is easier to request for an address change which will cause the victims to loose track of their bank statements and other billing details (Federal Trade Commission [FTC] 3). Hustlers also disguise themselves as authorities who do legal door to door surveys and obtain personal information from the victims (FTC 3).  Innocent victims will give out information right away thinking that the person who interviews them is guaranteed employees of the government since they have identification cards which in fact is invalid too.Due to the latest innovation and techniques in technology, internet websites makes it easier for identity theft to take place (Rosoff, Pontell, and Tillman 188).  By logging in online thieves can purchase personal information from employees who have access to such data (FTC 1). After getting the account balance and other personal identification, thieves can easily pretend to be the card holder and binge in ordering products that they wanted. Phone banking makes it easier for identity theft because an address change can also be done via phone calls.

Since thieves are armed with the necessary information like social security number and bank statements, the phone banker will think that the caller is the real owner of the account and makes the necessary changes right away. The victim is left unaware of what is happening on his/her account because bank statements falls on the fraudulent address, later that they will realize that something is wrong because they are beyond their credit limit (FTC 6).


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