Illegal Download Summary

What happened to the music? Today’s music industry is sinking fast, but no one seems to see it. Picture a world without the music industry. There would be no more music in movies, commercials, no MTV and most of all no radio. The music industry is just like any other job. Money is needed for it to survive. People think that they shouldn’t contribute due to the fact that there are filthy celebrities that don’t need the cash. This however is not always the case especially with new rising artists.

Money is made through songs in the music industry.From every time a song is played on the radio, in a movie or even appeared in a greeting card, money is sent to the artist it came from. However, not all artists are mainstream enough to make it that far and rely mostly on cd sales.

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The money that is made from the song or songs is not even given all to the artists. The music industry is made up of several key players to keep it running. First you have the writers, then the artist, the manager, the producer, the producing company and the licensing agency. These are just a few of the people involved.The pay from just one song being played has to be divided through several people throughout the industry. The artist only receives just a fraction of the income.

So if artists make most of their money through songs, then what happens when the song is stolen? In the past few years, illegal downloading has risen greatly. Today many websites like Limewire and Bearshare make it possible for anyone to get free music at no cost. If one person downloaded ten songs in one day times the population of the United States, imagine how much money was just lost if the cost of hearing one song was $. 091.Millions of dollars have been lost over the last few years since downloading came about.

Artists like Bono, have tried to speak out and convince those to stop illegal downloading music and in return getting mocked. Yes there are music celebrities that are filthy rich but most are struggling to make their name heard. As a new artist, it is extremely difficult to get a song played on the radio if they are not mainstream. Therefore their income relies on performing and cd sales.

To get there music out, they must sell cd’s. If a song is downloaded for free off the internet, that artist receives nothing.This makes it harder for the new artist to survive. In gaining no pay from 500,000,000 songs that were downloaded and only selling 20,000 cd’s, the artist suffers greatly. The new rising artist will not have made enough money to continue on even if he was widely popular on the web. Should music really be free? If it was then where would artist get the money to write songs and have them published? Everything cost money even in this industry. In order to keep the music industry alive and hear new artist and music, we must contribute.

The banning of illegal downloading is the first step in restoring the music industry back to what is once was.

Author: Freda Payne


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