Imagine You Are a Chinese Farmer Living Today

I am a farmer in Xiao Village. My life has been very interesting. I live about 60 miles from Shanghai, China. I have been a farmer all my life in the village of Xiao Village for 43 years.

I have four people in my family me, my wife who is 42 years old, and two sons one ate age 11 and the other is 16 years old. Our family is well but we lack certain things in life like shortage of farming land to raise crops and healthcare from my family.But on the other hand we are fortunate to have just enough money to buy food and clothes. My day starts at 6:30 am every day. First I prepare breakfast for me and my family off eggs and bacon, with milk or water to drink. Then I head out to the farming field to gather fruits and vegetables for my family to prepare for the next meal. Every day for lunch and dinner we have rice and vegetables for our meals sometimes we have chicken and pork for our meats.

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In my spare time I relax or either do some household repairs. Occasionally we can afford to buy meats, vegetables, and clothing within our local village shops and markets. The markets also offer different things like household items such as pots, pans, decorative art, technology such as a, telephone, television witch I recently bought for my family to enjoy on their free time, and many other necessities needed in life.The way we entertain ourselves is listen to popular music such as Mariah Carry and Britney Spears, we watch television for fun, and play board games such as Chinese checkers. One day we will have enough money to buy a computer so we can surf the web.

My biggest fears I face today are my family’s health deteriorating because my village does not provide that type of health care, not having enough money for necessities, and being forced to bigger cities with the growth of the new industrial and commercial businesses.

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