Immigrants from Latin America

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Last updated: February 14, 2019

Each year Latin American is the destination of immigrants from Latin America and all over the world.

Based on empirical data there is possible impacts of immigration level and population growth to South Florida. Of late it has been fashionable to view immigration as the solution to South Florida’s economy because immigrants can offer what the country may be devoid of and cater for labor shortages that may be on the way. These immigrants have both negative and positive to the economy not only in South Florida but also to all countries receiving immigrants. Migrants not only help in fueling the economic growth of South Florida, but also have an overall positive impact on the income of the native workers. South Florida acts as a safe heaven for Latin American immigrants because of its rich culture, job availability, advanced and cheap education affordable to all, well maintained healthcares and rich economy because of its rich natural resources (Gonzalez-Pando, 1998, p.

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33).South Florida is greatly characterized by inhabiting most Latin American immigrants. People migrate for positive reasons; they migrate to look for better economic opportunities which give them an opportunity to get better jobs improving their quality of life and greater security among others. Latin Americans move to South Florida and settle in certain places because even arriving in South Florida a state with rich economy is an accomplishment to them. For those already in South Florida they have similar motives and economic in nature but people choose different destinations. Many migrated due to the rich economy of South Florida and better health care facilities providing by both public and private institutions (Stepick,, 2003, p. 57).

Immigration to South Florida continues to cluster mostly in coastal metro areas. They are attracted to the growth poles in economically booming metros of the state.  They greatly migrate to South Florida due to the self-sustaining ethnic communities in the state which offers social and economic support. Improved road system and increased access to transport make people movement and business easier forcing them to move. Immigrants have been ever welcomed in South Florida with migration of Latin American consists of working class people in search of economic opportunities (Mark and Vaughan, 2004, p. 78).Latin Americans migrate to South Florida because of religious and political freedom in the State. This gives them hope for better and new life as a result of freedom to choose which religious and political party to join since the two are the main aspects for better stay in a country.

Rich culture in South Florida reflects a global trend like multiculturalism and multiracialism reflecting the way in which international politics shapes local communities. Many Latin American have chosen South Florida as their new home making South Florida gain a kind of magnetism to future to Latin American immigrants wishing to settle. These immigrants have set a secure ethnic group within South Florida. Ethnicity in South Florida has reached forefront of social and political discourse with ethnic citizenship becoming prevalent. This has attracted many immigrants (Rodriguez, 1999, p.

138).Latin America has a classic political, economic and social turmoil thus people migrating to South Florida whereby both middle and upper class brain drain is taking place. Push and pull economic factors are the main motivations of immigrants in South Florida.

Most immigrants came to South Florida to access services to stabilize, make transition and achieve self-sufficiency within the society. In South Florida there are well maintained quality services like healthcare services which attract many immigrants. South Florida has made great steps in meeting needs of many multicultural residents who have chosen to immigrate to the land. This state has realized the need of addressing needs of immigrants forming a cultural bridge between human services and multicultural population.

 This is accomplished by introducing multicultural education to make healthcare workers culturally competence for them to be able to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds (Aranda, August 11, 2007).The face of South Florida has really changed as many immigrants have settled in the community. In South Florida there is immigration policy which allows immigrants training helping in determining issues on eligibility. Workforce development group have been training immigrants on cultural norms and cross-cultural communications.

South Florida is among the global city ranked for their importance in commerce, finance, media, arts, international trade and entertainment. It is an industrialized stated with social integration helping immigrants easily adopt in the state. This helps in assimilation of most immigrants making them feel at home. Multiculturalism has played a great role in South Florida in that, many Latin American immigrants have easy time in adapting the diverse culture within the state. They have opportunity of education and jobs because they are easily assimilated due to multiculturalism and multiracialism (Habell-Pallan and Romero, 2002, p. 102).Immigration policy in South Florida support effective measures which control illegal immigration promoting policies and programs which help immigrants in assimilating to the South Florida society. This policy allows people from diverse country to come and stay in South Florida enriching the nation with their diverse cultures.

This policy also covers education system in the country which is advanced and affordable to many forcing people to migrate from Latin America to South Florida for better education (Coco, 2001, p. 127).ConclusionSouth Florida has become home for many Latin American immigrants due to its rich culture, social integration, and job availability, advanced education, improved and well maintained healthcare and rich economy. All these have really attracted many immigrants not only from Latin America but from all corners of the world. The rich economy with improved transportation in South Florida has attracted many business people improving industrial sector of South Florida.

This has created job opportunity for both middle and upper class educated people. Multiculturalism and multiracialism has contributed in migration of Latin Americans to South Florida because it makes assimilation of immigrants easy.


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