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Last updated: June 18, 2019

As the chief Executive Housekeeper I am going to writing a report implementing the new plan strategies that how to reduce time on cleaning rooms on a daily basis. It is now important to take these cleaning timings into consideration; timings will change from 30 minutes per room to 25 minutes. This will decrease the staff hours and it will benefit our department into a profitable way. Having this done will decrease the company expenses and the profit will be increased.

Changes will be implemented to this department to overcome our goals as follows: 1. Rosters will be amended, specifying days, hours and timings spent on each room. This will give a clear view to the staff what is expected from the department.

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2. New equipments will be provided. 3. Monitoring system will be taken in place, this will give the department a good view. Monitoring and recording results are very important and this will tell us where we standing.

Their will be couple of methods used in to this process as follows:An additional employee will be hired to check on the staff on how long they are spending on each room. A logbook will be issued out to our new monitoring employee stating, staff name, section and timings. This will be noted on the logbook. It will tell us who needs appropriate training. It is important that our staffs are still happy with our decision taken in place and not have an issue making them work 5 minutes faster in each room.

So there will be a department Incentive to motivate the staffs. The incentive will work as follows:The staff that have achieved their targets will get two hours of PAID salary each week. Staff who have won their incentives will appear on a notice boars, this will motivated other staff as well to work harder. One to one appraisals with staffs will be put in place so they know we as a department are acknowledging their performances and highly appreciate their hard work. It’s very essential that we provide full training and support to our staffs to insure the work is effectively done as follows: An agent from a cleaning company will give training to our staffs.He will make sure they know how to use the new equipment’s correctly and what products to use on certain surfaces.

This will help staff use less energy and save time in their cleaning process. Once the training is provided the agent will monitor their work. Overseeing how effectively our staff have used the equipment’s and seeing if they have completed the rooms in the time limit. After staff have finished cleaning the rooms a process of evaluation will take in place by the agent or management. They will enter the rooms checking if the work has been done to the new standards.Once they have done that, once a month one to one meeting will be conducted by the management to give feedback to staff members if they have met the right criteria. Evaluation Methods: 1. Management overseeing the work, this will help us have a rough idea how long it took staff members to clean and how effective they were.

2. Checklist, this will give a clear view of the results e. g.

time spent, use of equipment and product and the finishing results (tidiness). 3. Guest within the company, the person will stay one night in the room and will help us with he or she‘s experience. 4.Customer Feedback, this will be done face to face or and on a survey sheet indicating there experience and any improvements needed.

Combining all the information together, a power point presentation will be created to show the general manager the outcome of the plan. Many key points will be stated such as: 1. Resources 2.

Expenses 3. Results 4. Feedback 5. Profit Have this presentation presented to the general manager; the general manager will have a good idea where we stand as a department and if any improvements needed, we can start implementing those improvements straight away.

Equipment’s and Products are additional resources to this plan as follows: 1. Microfiber Cloths (for general and intricate dusting) 2. Microfiber Dust Mop 3. Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Attachment (for high ceilings, walls, corners) 4. Dusting Spray 5.

Furniture Polish 6. Temporary staff for monitoring Having the correct equipment’s and products will have a major impact on the cleaning process to finish the rooms in 25 minutes. Many problems may occur whilst trying to clean the room with the time limit as follows: 1. Bad Punctuality 2. Poor Attendance 3. Not wearing correct Uniform 4.

Attitude ProblemChanging the housekeeping times from 30 minutes to 25 minutes per room and having the results from this plan has given more time to do productive things such as: 1. Monitoring staffs on a regular basis 2. Training new and less experienced staff 3. One to one meetings and appraisals 4. Motivating staff with affordable department incentives 5. Future prospects for exceling staff 6.

Gaining allowancing on buying equipment’s and products 7. Creating better experiences for customers And by still doing productive things the department will still make a profit, slowly it will increase the profit and will be very good in the long term.


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